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Milt and Susan Sanderford

Susan and Milt SanderfordIt is an honor to introduce you to two very special friends of mine, Milt and Susan Sanderford. We became friends in Sedona many years ago. I am so blessed to have them in my life. It is my joy to introduce you to them and to Sponsor the Casa de Santa Maria.

In May of 2005, they were called to visit with the spiritual medium and world renowned healer, John of God in Abadiania, Brazil. They were guided by Jesus to build a wonderful Healing Oasis in San Luis, Colorado. Through their incredible faith and determination that is just what they have done. Their love and commitment is an inspiration to many.

Daniel - Creator of Sedona Talk Radio


From their Website:

It was an incredible experience, and one of many miraculous happenings occurred during a special mass on Sunday, May 22nd. While meditating I received the following message from Spirit.

“Jesus and Mary need you to create a Casa!” — I was surprised and overwhelmed by the enormity of the message, but elated.

Because of encounters with Jesus and Mother Mary during our visit to sacred Medjugorje, Bosnia in 2003, Milt and I have realized Mother Mary was bringing a shift to our work — but establishing a healing casa in America much like John of God’s? Never in our wildest imagination.

Now I was being told by Jesus that the Casa de Santa Maria is where Mother Mary’s presence and energy will reside, along with hundreds of other healing saints, to help bring about healing in people's lives.

My immediate response upon hearing those words was. “But Jesus, what about you? Should you not be in the forefront?” His beautiful response — “It’s for my mother!”

Website: http://www.casadesantamaria.org/



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