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About the Show

The process of Awakening can be like opening Pandora’s Box as we see our shadow selves being mirrored back to us in a BIG way. In our own Pandora’s Box we have the opportunity to look deeply at our fear, our pain and our imperfections. The more we understand ourselves the more we can see clearly why we have created the life we have been living up until now. We get to see what is behind our relationships with others, and most importantly what is driving our relationship with ourselves.


About Kaleah

kaleah_200wKaleah LaRoche is a singer/songwriter, spiritual counselor and author. She has three music CD's that showcase her hauntingly beautiful ethereal voice and also her profound lyrical messages that inspire an inner journey of the soul.

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Kaleah has authored three E-books on narcissistic abuse and runs a Web Portal for the recovery from narcissistic abuse to include her E-books, numerous articles, a support forum, audio programs, shamanic tools and counseling.

Her Latest book "Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul" came out May 2013 in print and is a guidebook to help those going through a dark night of the soul to find meaning and purpose in their experience.





Healing Narcissistic Abuse and Finding the True Self


Learn more about Kaleah's work at http://www.kaleahlaroche.com or www.narcissismfree.com

 Purchase this book or learn more here.

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Upcoming Shows

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Podcasts by Kaleah

October 1st, 2015:  The Good Karma Path

Karma is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.  But how does that show up in our lives?  Do we really reap what we sow? Do people really get away with cruelty and dirty deeds towards others?  

In this episode of Pandora's Box Kaleah talks about karma from the perspective of emotional life and death.  She talks about Karma in relationship to living in a narcissistic society, dealing with narcissistic people and facing our own inner narcissism.  

Join Kaleah to learn more about how you can walk the "Good Karma Path" and reap what you sow in a way that brings you more of what you truly seek in life.

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September 17th, 2015:  Loving Yourself in Relationship to Others

Relationships can be challenging for anyone and if we don't have the skills to work through relationship challenges we will never have strong relationships with others. In this Episode of Pandora's Box, Kaleah talks about how relationships come into our lives to show us what is hidden within ourselves. We get to know ourselves on deeper and deeper levels through the mirrors of our personal relationships. We can learn to work with our shadow side and bring what is hidden to light. We can learn how to be transparent and have greater levels of intimacy.

Kaleah also talks about narcissistic personality disorder and how the complex defense structure in a narcissist prevents him/her from having a true, intimate relationship with another.

Tune in and expand your inner world!

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September 3rd, 2015:  Healing Your Self Image

In part nine of "Self Loathing to Self Loving"Kaleah delves into the topic of "Self Image" and how your beliefs effect how you feel about yourself. More powerful tools for those recovering from narcissistic abuse and also those who are simply recovering the SELF.

In this episode Kaleah talks about how a relationship with a narcissist affects one's Self Image and how you can take charge of how you perceive yourself in order to feel better not only on the inside but also feel better about the reflection you see in the mirror.

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August 19th, 2015:  Are you a Perfectionist? Being Perfectly Imperfect!

Perfectionism is the curse of dysfunctional society. As humans we are far from this thing we call perfection. We may bake the perfect cake, write the perfect letter, make perfect grades in school, achieve perfection in some kind of performance, but as human beings we are flawed and imperfect. We are by design creatures who learn by making mistakes.

In this episode of Pandora's Box, Kaleah talks about how to confront your own need to be seen as perfect and accept yourself as you are.

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Loving How You Feel; Even When You Don't Feel Good - Tue. Jul. 21, 2015, 4pm PT, 7pm ET

We often equate feeling bad with feeling we are bad.  When we are angry, sad, depressed, confused, and dealing with a lot of intense emotions it is easy to feel there is something seriously wrong with us.  Especially when everything feels wrong. In this episode of Pandora’s Box, Kaleahexplores the world of “feelings” and how to embrace and love yourself in all your complex emotional states.  Learn to embrace your “feeling” Self in a powerful way.

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July 14th, 2015, 4pm PT, 7pm ET: From Self Loathing to Self Loving Part 7:  Loving Yourself when you Feel Hated!

ernie-vecchioIn my work with victims of narcissistic abuse I notice how difficult it can be for those who have been devalued and discarded by a narcissistic personality to pull themselves back up and find love again. People who are very loving, compassionate and empathetic are often targets for the projection of the shadow from unconscious people. Those who carry a lot of light are also the target for those lost in darkness. When one is targeted by unconscious people it can be difficult to stay strong in oneself. Even Jesus was challenged by the constant persecution that came with walking in the light and speaking his truth.

How do we stay firmly rooted in the light of love? How do we stay true to ourselves when that truth is constantly being distorted by others? How do we love ourselves when we are hated by others?

In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah joins with seasoned Psychologist Ernie Vecchio in a heartfelt conversation about staying anchored in love regardless of what is going on around you.

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June 23rd, 2015, 4pm PT, 7pm ET: From Self Loathing to Self Loving Part 6; Why Do I Keep Picking People Who Treat Me Badly?

Why Do I Keep Picking People Who Treat Me Badly? This is the most common question I am asked in my counseling practice. Although the majority of my clients come to me to heal from a damaging relationship I am fortunate to be working with so many people who are seeking to understand the deeper patterning that keeps them continuing to choose those toxic, dysfunctional and abusive relationships.

In Episode 6 of "From Self Loathing to Self Loving" we are going to talk about relationship patterns, what causes us to unconsciously choose what we choose and how we can change those patterns.

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June 9th 2015, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:   From Self Loathing to Self Loving Part 5; Alone! Confronting Loneliness and Hopelessness

Loneliness can be one of the most painful conditions in our society. With our world becoming more and more a virtual reality we experience even greater disconnection from each other. The hunger and longing for connection to Self, Source and each other can lead us to the depth of our own being where we confront our greatest loneliness and emptiness.

In this episode of Pandora’s Box we will be delving deeply into the experience of loneliness to bring about greater understanding and healing.

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May 26th 2015, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:   From Self Loathing to Self Loving Part 4; Transitioning the Inner Judge

We have been talking about the different aspects of our personality and how to get them working together for our highest and best good.  One part that always gets in the way is the inner judge.  This is the part of us that finds us guilty, often without a fair trial.  How do we work with this aspect of Self? 

Join us for Part 4 in our Series “From Self Loathing to Self Loving” and love yourself more!

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May 12th 2015, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:   From Self Loathing to Self Loving Part 3; The Inner Child and the Higher Self

In this episode of the series "From Self Loathing to Self Loving" we will be talking about the relationship we develop with both our inner child and higher self and how it affects our over all sense of connection and well being.  Learn how to identify and communicate with these two aspects of SELF and get their cooperation in working towards your over all goal of radical self love.

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April 21st, 2015, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:   From Self Loathing to Self Loving Part 2; The Witness, Detached Observer

From Self Loathing to Self Loving begins a new series on Pandora’s Box where I explore this very important topic of how we stop treating ourselves poorly and begin to really love ourselves. It is easy to say “I need to love myself more” but self love is a very complex process. We must learn how to effectively confront the old “self loathing” programs and clear out core limiting beliefs, toxic emotions and addictions that keep us in the cycle of self abuse.

Those caught up in the cycle of narcissistic abuse will really find value in this series because the more you clear out the old “self abuse” programs and begin truly loving yourself you will no longer tolerate abusive behavior from others. There is no better way to leave behind toxic patterns then to truly embrace self love.

Most people go about their daily life very unconscious about how their actions and behavior are creating their reality. They are on autopilot not really paying much attention to the choices they are making on a daily basis. When you learn to engage the Witness Self, the Detached Observer you will learn to view your thoughts, emotions and experiences from a higher perspective and have greater healing and awareness.

Join us for this second part of "From Self Loathing to Self Loving" and find out how engaging the Witness Self can bring you closer to Self Love.

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April 7th, 2015, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:   From Self Loathing to Self Loving Part 1

From Self Loathing to Self Loving begins a new series on Pandora’s Box where I explore this very important topic of how we stop treating ourselves poorly and begin to really love ourselves. It is easy to say “I need to love myself more” but self love is a very complex process. We must learn how to effectively confront the old “self loathing” programs and clear out core limiting beliefs, toxic emotions and addictions that keep us in the cycle of self abuse.

Those caught up in the cycle of narcissistic abuse will really find value in this series because the more you clear out the old “self abuse” programs and begin truly loving yourself you will no longer tolerate abusive behavior from others. There is no better way to leave behind toxic patterns then to truly embrace self love.

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March 24th, 2015, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:   Finding True Love

There is so much information out there on what it means to find true love.  Is finding true love about finding our soul mate?  Is it to find that person we can join our lives with and live happily ever after?  Or is finding true love more about finding out how to be true to yourself, and love yourself in a way you never have before?

In this episode of Pandora's Box Kaleah will tell the truth about Finding True Love.

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March 10th, 2015, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:   Parasites and their Host

Parasites don’t just show up in our lives as worms and bugs but also as human’s who take energy. Narcissistis, borderline personalities, sociopaths and addicts are examples of people who take energy from others for their survival. For every parasitic relationship there is also a host; someone who unconsciously allows their energy to be taken.

In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah will be exploring the relationship between the Parasite and the Host in order to shed light on how one can liberate himself/herself from hosting parasitic energies.

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February 17th, 2015, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:  The Power Struggle

The power struggle on an energetic level looks like two energy fields competing to take energy from the other or one energy field trying to take energy and the other trying to keep it.  We often get caught up in the drama's of relationship including the words spoken; however beneath the surface is most often a power struggle that if recognized can change the dynamics of a relationship. 

In this episode of Pandora's Box Kaleah will be talking about the power struggle; how to recognize it and stop the tug of war that keeps your precious life force energy from going out the window.

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February 3rd, 2015, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:  Taking the Hero's Journey

Mythologist Joseph Campbell talked about the Hero's Journey as the inward journey one embarks on to uncover his/her authentic self.  It is often filled with deep, soul awakening challenges that come in the guise of death, divorce, illness and loss of job or identity.. 

In this episode of Pandora's Box Kaleah will be delving into the mysteries of the Hero's Journey and help you to discover that maybe your life is falling apart so that it can be restructured.  Maybe you feel like you are undergoing a death when really you are undergoing a rebirth.  Join us as we explore that deep inner passage to the truest expression of SELF!

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Tue. Jan. 20, 2015, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:  Was it Medicine or Scalar Energy Pathogen Cleansing That Healed the Infected U.S. Ebola Victims?

tompaladino-100wCan People Be Rid of Their Virus’, Bacteria, Fungi and Protozoans Via a Remote Process Using a Photograph?  Tom Paladino Picks Up Where Nikola Tesla and Galen Hieronymus Left Off Their Scalar Energy Research, Creating an Instrument that Can Disassemble 40,000+ Harmful Pathogens in the Body

Paladino’s mission is no less than to heal the world—to eliminate pathogens in everyone’s bodies globally. And he believes it can be done! He has passionately pursued his quest to harness Scalar Energy since he was a child first reading about Tesla and today, through his diligent study, development, research trial and error, he has the revolutionary breakthrough that does, in fact, control and direct the remarkable quantum energetic force of Scalar Energy.

Join us in this episode of Pandora's Box where I will be interviewing Tom Paladino about his Amazing Life's Mission.

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Tuesday December 16th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:  Walking Through Pain

When it deep emotional pain it is one of the most challenging places to be. Our society has very little to offer someone suffering on an emotional level other than medications and cognitive therapies that change the way you think but don’t address how you feel.

In this episode of Pandora’s Box we are going to delve deeply into that pain for a greater understanding of what it is, what it has come to teach you and how to walk through it.

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Tuesday December 9th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:  The Female Narcissist; Who is She?

The female narcissist!  She may be your wife, your lover, your sister, your Mother, your friend or your co-worker.  Whoever she is, she is bound to make your life crazy.  Is she really a narcissist?  Or is she a borderline personality?  Or both? 

In this episode of Pandora's Box I will talk about how the female narcissist shows up, seduces, and turns your world upside down. 

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Tuesday December 2nd, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:  Waiting on Forgiveness

You might know intuitively that you need to forgive the trespasser in your life for his or her wrongs against you but how do you get there? What does it actually mean to forgive and how will coming to forgiveness help you? We often find ourselves waiting on forgiveness hoping it will come so we can be released of our attachment to the offender in our lives.

Forgiveness is a word that is much misunderstood; as misunderstood as the actually act of forgiveness itself. How does one forgive, the unforgivable? How does one go beyond the pain of the trespass upon ones soul? Listen to this episode of Pandora’s Box and learn what it really means to forgive and let go.

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Tuesday November 25th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:  Thanks Giving and Black Friday; Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

 Thanksgiving is coming up and so is Black Friday, long considered the shopping “kick off” for Christmas. It is ironic how we give thanks for what is good in our lives right before we go on a mad rush of shopping that often involves standing in long lines overnight and trampling over others to get what we want.

In this episode of Pandora’s Box we will be looking at the true meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas, why we distract ourselves with enormous amounts of food the mad rush of shopping. Do you want to have a much more meaningful holiday season? Tune in and discover how.

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Tuesday November 4th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET: The Wounded Part

Each of us has within us a wounded aspect that seeks healing.  We are not that wounded part but we can unconsciously allow that wounded part to direct our lives.  The more we can understand ourselves and care for and nurture our own wounded part, the stronger we become and the more "healed" we are.  When we deny this aspect of SELF we often don't see our own sabotoging and destructive behavior. 

In this episode of Pandora's Box Kaleah will be talking about the wounded aspect of self and how to acknowledge and work with it.

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Tuesday October 14th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET: Becoming More Narcissistic? A Discussion on Healthy Narcissism

If you have ever been involved with a narcissist you might have wished at some point that you were more like him/her. Maybe you feel you are too empathetic, too compassionate, you care too much for the other person, you are not confident enough, and think more of others than you do of yourself. Maybe you are afraid to self promote or put yourself out there.

We all go through a narcissistic phase when we are children; even teenagers have a narcissistic phase. But what is the difference between healthy narcissism and pathological narcissism?

On this episode of Pandora’s Box we are going to explore “healthy narcissism” and how developing a little more narcissism can actually help us to recover from narcissistic abuse and not be such a target for the pathological narcissist.

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Tuesday September 30th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET: Banishing the Crazy Maker; A Tough Love Approach to Regaining Your Sanity

Crazy Makers. Who are they? They are those people in your life who drive you crazy. I mean literally drive you crazy. They are the narcissists, the sociopaths, the borderline personalities and other people who confuse reality, project their inner demons onto you and blame you for their behavior.

In this episode of Pandora’s Box we will talk about how to Banish the crazies from our life and recover our sanity and well being. We will talk about the art of “tough love” and the importance of Self love. This is an episode not to be missed.

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Tuesday Sep 16th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET: Conversations with a Narcissist/Sociopath

In this episode we are bringing back a conversation from five years ago with Sam Vaknin, twice diagnosed narcissist and diagnosed sociopath.

Sam Vaknin, author of "Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited" , a work of reference about the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Join me as I interview Self Proclaimed Narcissist Sam Vaknin who is one of the leading authorities on Narcissistic Personality Disorder on the Web. We will talk to Sam about how he came to discover he had NPD and how he has used the knowledge and experienced he has gained to shed an inner light to the disorder for others to gain a greater understanding.

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Tuesday Sep 9, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET: The Will to Live after Psychological Abuse

Suicidal tendencies are common amongst people who are coming out of relationships with narcissists, sociopaths, and other crazy making personalities.  There is often extreme loss of Self as well as loss of the illusion one has been living under.  There is also loss of social support, friends and family members due to the crazy making energies of the relationship.  

Understanding why one has lost the will to live is an important part of the recovery process and so is regaining what has been lost.  

In this episode of Pandora's Box we will be discussing why we lose the "Will to Live" and how to work with the feelings that are surfacing during such a dark time in our lives.  We will also be talking about "The Journey into Darkness" and related Mythological characters who bring wisdom through their journeys. 


Tuesday Sep 2, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET: Psychic Vampires

hort picture 100wThis is a replay from one of my earlier shows on the topic of Psychic Vampires.

Vampires are not just imaginary creatures of fiction or legend—they really exist. They are the people who, having never received love, settle for power instead, and become experts at robbing others of their vital energy. Join Barbara Hort, author of “Unholy Hungers” as we talk about how you can tell if you are involved with a psychic vampire and what to do about it.



Tuesday August 26th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET: Ghost Mothers and Narcissistic Mothers with Kaleah and Kathryn Rudlin

kathrynrudlin 100w
Kaleah and Kathryn Rudlin talk about unavailable Mothers and how those who grow up without emotional nurturing hunger for that nurturing all their lives until they can take that inner healing journey to find and embrace the Mother within.

The book Ghost Mothers was inspired by the many years Kathryn spent trying to create a positive relationship with her illusive mother. When years of effort led nowhere, she came to see that her mother wasn’t capable of maternal nurturing, and that she was a ghost-daughter, haunted by painful feelings and unsure how to move forward. Her healing journey reinforced the many strengths developed in growing up this way, and she now shares her personal and professional experience to help others thrive.

Kathryn Rudlin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in California with over 30 years experience working in a variety of therapeutic settings. She has worked at every level of therapeutic treatment to include foster care, alternative schools, residential treatment, wilderness therapy, and psychiatric hospitalization. She is a therapist in private practice in San Diego, specializing in counseling and education for ghost-mothered women, and others wanting to heal from a narcissistic relationship - in addition to offering workshops incorporating mind-body techniques to move forward from a painful past.

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Tuesday August 19th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:  Am I Going Crazy?  The Gaslight Affect with Robyn Stern

robinstern gaslighteffect 100wHow to Spot and Survive the Hidden Manipulation Others Use to Control Your Life. Join us as I interview Dr. Robin Stern, the author of "the Gaslight Effect" as we explore the common narcissistic behavior called "Gaslighting." Find out how this subtle form of manipulation can cause an individual to believe she is going crazy!

This is a replay of an earlier interview from Kaleah's original show "Dispelling the Myths.

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Tuesday August 5th 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ETThe Law of Resonance

supercharge girl 100w

When you are on a conscious growth path you will experience increases in conscious awareness.  Just the act of raising your consciousness has the power to clean out lower level energies from your life.  We often ask "why did he leave?"  In the natural order of things those who do not resonate at the same or a similar level of consciousness will be moved on. 

As you grow and become a higher version of yourself you can no longer resonate at the level you were before and if a lover or partner is still resonating at the lower level he or she may simply move on to find someone who is still at the lower level of awareness.  Why is this?

Tune in to Pandora's Box to learn more about the Law of Resonance and how understanding this law can help you heal and move on to higher levels of life experience.

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Tuesday July 29th 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ETEmotional Breakdown or Breakthrough?

supercharge girl 100w

What happens when you can no longer live in the way you have been living? What do you think will happen when you outgrow your current form; when you outgrow the patterns you have been living your life with? You may experience something that looks like a nervous break down or emotional break down but what if it is actually an emotional break through?

In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah talks about the experience of emotional crisis and pain in assisting us in breaking through to new levels of awareness and wholeness. Learn how to work with your emotional states rather than allow your emotions to rule you.




Tuesday July 8th 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ETSuper Charge Your Inner-Chi Part 7:  The Attitude of Gratitude

 supercharge girl 100w

When going through difficult times in your life it can be a challenge to look for what is good; to count your blessings and be grateful. It is gratitude that helps us to see the glass as half full rather than half empty. It is gratitude that helps us to focus on what is good in our lives rather than what is bad.

In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah talks about developing an attitude of gratitude to shift your consciousness to a more positive outlook on life, greater happiness and well being.




Tuesday July 1st, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET: What is Your Gut Telling You?

Super Charge Your Inner-Chi Part 6

supercharge girl 100w

 When we learn to listen to the still, small voice within we step into the flow of the river of our lives and go with the current rather than against it.

How do you learn to listen? How can you tell when your gut is trying to get your attention? How do you know if it is your head or your heart talking?

In this episode of Pandora’s Box we will be exploring Intuition and the importance of listening and following.




Tuesday June 24th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ETSuper Charge Your Inner-Chi Part 5 - Dissolving the Toxic Bond

supercharge girl 100w

 What is the difference between cutting the psychic cords and dissolving the toxic bond?  Nothing really.  It is a different perspective and another way of understanding the energetic connection when it takes a dark or negative turn.

We bond with each other through love, a connection that includes fondness, respect, empathy, caring, concern and other “love like qualities.”  But when fear creeps in there is a need to control, to be in control, to avoid being hurt, to avoid feeling uncomfortable by invoking those emotional charges that don’t feel very good. The more reactive one becomes to those feelings of fear and discomfort the more toxic the relationships becomes.  We then become corded to the other through a toxic connection. 

How do you dissolve these kinds of toxic connections?  Tune in to find out.


Tuesday June 17th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ETSuper Charge Your Inner-Chi Part 4 Soul Recovery and Soul Retrieval

supercharge girl 100w

Our soul is the part of us that is eternal; the part of us that occupies our body when we are born and leaves when we die. But when our soul flees while we are still alive we can feel like a shell of a person because; well, we are.

What happens when our soul flees? Is our soul really stolen or lost? If so how do we get it back?

In this episode of Pandora’s Box we will explore these questions and how to take back our energy, our soul, our lives.




Tuesday June 3rd, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:  The Energy Of Love

supercharge girl 100w

Super Charge Your Inner-Chi Part 3

The highest energy vibration on the planet is the energy of love.  Love is often deeply misunderstood.  We come to believe love hurts when in reality, love heals.  it is the lack of love that hurts.  In this episode of Pandora's Box, Kaleah talks about LOVE and how choosing the path of love and the path of the heart is the highest path one can walk. 

Find out how you can raise your energy vibration, heal your heart and heal your life through an active practice of Self Love.





Tuesday May 27th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET: Supercharge Your Health; Body, Mind and Spirit

supercharge girl 100wTake Back Your Power!

Having excellent health and wellness is not just a matter of the physical body but also the mind and spiritual aspects of SELF.  In this episode of Pandora's Box; Part Two of "Supercharge Your Inner-Chi" we will be delving more deeply into creating a healing environment.  We will be looking at physical health, mental health and spiritual wellness in the role of being whole, healthy, happy, joyful and free.





Tuesday May 20th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET: Super-Charge Your Inner-Chi (Energy) (part 1)

supercharge girl 100wTake Back Your Power!

This week Kaleah will be beginning a new "Summer Series" to help you revitalize yourself.  Your lifeforce energy "inner-chi" is what is behind your well being.  When your light is dim your life is dim.  In this upcoming series Kaleah will show you how you can "amp it up" and increase your inner light, your vitality and energy. 

In this "Summer Series" Kaleah will be covering topics such as diet and exercise, inspiration, cord cutting, soul retrieval, grounding, inspiration, spiritual practice and more.


Tuesday May 6th, 2014:  Blind Sighted – What Happens When We Can’t See Ourselves?

We all have blind spots that prevent us from seeing truth in certain situations. Our blind spots can go from mild to severe. The more severe ones blind spots the more damaging their behavior can be; because there is no true ability to self reflect.

In this episode of Pandora’s Box we will talk about how our blindness prevents us from not only seeing truth in any given situation but from aligning with our spiritual truth, our souls intent and hearts desires. We will also discuss the blindness behind personality disorders such as narcissism, sociopathy, and borderline disorders.


Tuesday April 29th, 2014: 4pm PT, 7pm ET  Moving Through the Darkness; A Survivor of Narcissistic Abuse Tells Her Story

Kaleah Interviews one of her former clients "Annie" who took the journey from darkness and despair as a result of narcissistic abuse, through the Dark Night of the Soul and Emergence into the light of a new Self Awareness.  Tune in and find out what helped Annie the most and what helped her go from "not wanting to live" to enjoying her new life.


Tuesday April 15th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:  The Deep Dark Subconscious

In this episode of Pandora's Box Kaleah takes a look at the world of the unconscious or subconscious mind and how the messages from outside can influence us on a deep subconscious level.  Take Music for example.  Modern music programs our subconscious mind with messages that reinforce coependent patterns and beliefs.  Romantic Movies program our subconscious with beliefs about what love should look like.  And, of course, our history creates subconscious programs that set the stage on how we live, love and function within society. 

Can we change our subconscious belief system?  Yes!  Tune in and find out how you can work with your subconscious mind to make powerful changes in your life.

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Tuesday April 8th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:  Why People Can't Love

Who would want to live in a world without love?  Love is what makes the world go around.  Yet there are so many people on the planet who don't seem to have the emotional capacity to love.  Why is this? 

In this episode of Pandora's Box Kaleah explores the topic of love and how the "lack of love" can be such a destructive force in the world.

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Tuesday April 1st, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:  Personality Disorders with Kaleah and Ernie Vecchio

ernie vecchio

kaleah2012 100wIf you have discovered someone you love or work with is a narcissist you most likely delved into the understanding of narcissistic personality disorder to get a grasp on what you have been dealing with. However there are many different personality disorders and issues that may be mistaken for NPD.

In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah is joined by Psychologist Ernie Vecchio to talk about personality disorders, what they are, how those who suffer from PD’s are affected and how we all have some personality disorder traits.



Tuesday March 25th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:  The Imperfect Self

Letting go of the quest to be perfect can be one of the biggest challenges for people who are trying to achieve some kind of ideal.  Whether that ideal is some kind of physical perfection, perfection in relationships or material accomplishment, when we are driven by the quest for perfection we are never satisfied.  This is because it is not perfection the soul seeks, but rather self realization. 

In this episode of Pandora's Box Kaleah talks about the process of becoming "Self Realized" while letting go of the need to be seen as perfect and even to be seen as good.  Instead the quest becomes to be seen as who you are; your perfectly imperfect SELF!


Tuesday March 18th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:  Healing Narcissistic Abuse and Finding the True Self

healingnarcissisticabuselcover200wKaleah celebrates the release of her new Ebook "Healing Narcissistic Abuse and Finding the True Self." 

 "Healing from Narcissistic Abuse and Finding the True Self" is a compilation of Kaleah LaRoche's years of experience in the field of narcissistic abuse and recovery. Using her personal experiences and the experiences of her clients she delves deeply into how to deal with the shock and trauma of narcissistic abuse as well as the shame, the self blame and intense pain.

In "Healing from Narcissistic Abuse" Kaleah takes readers on the journey of inner transformation, viewing their experiences as an opportunity to learn more about oneself, take personal responsibility for ones healing and step into a much more empowered experience of life and relationship. The journey is one of a spiritual warrior traversing the Dark Night of the Soul with insight and courage rather than a victim who focuses on the narcissistic injury.

In this episode of Pandora's Box Kaleah will talk about the topics of her new book.  She will be joined by Psychologist Ernie Vecchio who wrote the forward for the book.

Purchase this book or learn more here.

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Tuesday March 11th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:  Trusting and Following the Voice of Intuition

kaleah2012 100wEach one of us has a built in inner guidance system that is a roadmap for our divine path in life; however we are often programmed to listen to the voice of fear, logic and reasoning instead.  This leads us down a path that is most often in opposition to the path of the true self. 

In this episode of Pandora's Box, Kaleah talks about Intuition and how to listen and follow this internal guidance system in order to rise above old programs and live a truly authentic life.



Tuesday March 4th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET:  Facing the Shadow with Kaleah and Ernie Vecchio

ernie vecchiokaleah2012 100wKaleah joins with psychologist Ernie Vecchio to talk about the importance of facing the shadow within.

On the journey of life we must learn to look at the mirrors provided by other people in our lives as gifts of insight into ourselves.  See how you maintain the illusions in your life.  As you look into the mirror of yourself you can learn to wield the sword of truth, release and forgive.

Ernie L. Vecchio, a psycho-spiritual, clinical, and rehabilitation psychologist introduces new wisdom on human suffering. His career spans three decades treating thousands of individuals undergoing severe trauma. He is the author and teacher of Gifted Compassionate Therapy © a functional analysis of soul, spirit, ego, and heart: a symbiotic inner system that once activated is intentional, guiding and evolving.


Tue. Feb. 25th, 2014, 4pm PT, 7pm ET: Prosperity Consciousness During Periods of Energy Loss

kaleah2012 100wKaleah returns to Pandora's Box after a writing sabatical!

Often when we go through an experience of energy loss due to vampiric, narcissistic relationships, jobs, illness and other situations we experience loss of financial abundance as well. Money is energy and so loss of energy can equal loss of money.

In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah talks about the importance of implementing prosperity consciousness to rebuild energetically on all levels, including financial.


Tuesday December 17th, 2013:  Winter Solstice Rebirth

Every year I do a Winter Solstice special episode to celebrate the time of the "return of the sun."  This is also the darkest time of year as it is always darkest before the dawn.  In this episode I will talk about this powerful time of "going within" and how you can use it for greater self awareness and expansion.

Last year at this time we were all preparing for the Solstice 2012 which was a huge talked about event.  How has our world changed as a result?  How are we changing?  Has there been any changes at all?  Join us and find out.


Tuesday December 3rd, 2013 4pm PST:  The Fear Factor; Dealing with Fear and Anxiety

What do you do when you find yourself ridden in fear and anxiety?  What is really happening and how can you find peace and tranquility?

In this episode of Pandora's Box Kaleah discusses the fear factor.  Why we are afraid for no real reason? What is our anxiety  trying to tell us and what we can do to face that fear, make positive changes and find lasting peace?  We will also delve deeper into Post Traumatic Stress and coping tools.


Tuesday November 26th, 2013 4pm PST:  Holding Out For a Hero

After coming out of one or more “bad” relationships one might ask “how do I change this dynamic and find someone worth having a relationship with?” A common question I hear is “How can I prevent getting involved with someone like ‘that’ again?” Another question “How do I find someone who will really love me?”

In this episode of Pandora’s Box I will talk about the importance of Holding out for a hero. This means stop settling and accepting less than what you really want in your life. Be willing to be alone for now and wait for someone who is worth the wait. Who is your hero? Stay tuned and find out.


Tuesday November 19th, 4pm PST:  How Do I Love Myself?

We all hear about the importance of loving ourselves but what does it really mean to love yourself? In my work with clients this question so often comes up. “How do I love myself?” We all have an idea but sometimes we really don’t know what to do or what action steps to take? Is loving myself an action?

In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah will talk about what it really means to love yourself and things you can begin doing today to improve your relationship with the most important person in your life; YOU!


Tuesday November 12th, 2013 4pm PT:  Don’t Overlook the Body; Physical, Mental and Emotional Healing

When on an emotional healing path we often focus entirely on the emotions but healing is a holistic process. We need to consider the whole self; the mind, body, and emotions. In this episode Kaleah will talk about things you can do to heal the whole you including a simple, inexpensive secret that can help you to heal on all levels.


Tuesday October 29th, 2013 4pm PT:  Healing Our Stories

When we are victimized we have a story about what happened to us that is replayed over and over and becomes embedded in the subconscious.  We end up living our stories, identifying with them and re-creating them in our lives.  In this episode of Pandora's Box Kaleah will talk about how to create a new story, not from victimization but one based on spiritual empowerment. 



Tuesday October 22nd 2013 4pm PT:  Why Do I Want What I Can't Have?


There is a common theme in toxic and dysfunctional relationships where one partner pulls away and the other comes forward, vice versa.  The balance of power can shift according to who is playing the role of the rejector and who is seeking acceptance.  In this episode of Pandora's Box Kaleah will explore if it is love or the desperate need for acceptance and approval.  The answer to the question "Why do I want you so badly is often "because you are no longer available to me?"  Why is that?  Tune in and find out.



Tuesday October 15th, 2013 4pm PT:  Don’t Fall in Love


Have you fallen in love so many times that you may never heal from the bumps and bruises sustained during the fall? In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah talks about the difference between falling in love and growing in love. Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread. Find out why only “Fools Rush In” when it comes to love and why it’s so important to take your time learning about yourself and your perspective mate.




Tuesday October 8th, 2013 4pm PT:  Your Souls Purpose

Why are you here? What have you come to do? Are you on purpose in your life or are you doing what you think you should or what is expected of you? In this episode of Pandora’s Box, Kaleah explores with you the divine plan for your life and how you can know if you are on “the right path.”


Part One: 


Part Two: 


Tuesday September 24th, 2013 4pm PT:  Being Bigger than the Bully

We often experience being bullied as being disempowered. The bully takes power over us, diminishes us, belittles us and creates fear in his targets. How can we take our power back from a bully? How do we stand up to someone who feels powerful by disempowering others?

In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah will talk about finding your power with a bully, how to take the charge out of a bullies experience and how to be "bigger" than the bully.


 Tuesday September 17th, 2013 4pm PT: The Invisible Child

Do you ever feel like you are invisible? Feel like people don’t see you, hear you, or know who you really are? Does it often feel like you have fallen off the radar of the people in your life or feel you don’t really exist? This is often the experience of the invisible child; an aspect from our childhood that comes with us into our adulthood.

In this episode of Pandora’s Box, Kaleah will talk about the experience of being invisible, a temporary cloak of invisibility and becoming visible again.


Tuesday September 10th,  2013 4pm PT:  The Empath and the Narcissist

The title, “The Empath and the Narcissist” may sound a bit like a fairytale of two opposites and a relationship between an Empath and a Narcissist may very well begin like a fairytale; but it often ends more like a nightmare. Why is one who is highly empathic so frequently attracted to one so lacking in empathy?

In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah will talk about the Empath, his/her draw to the narcissist and how he/she can reconcile the ending of a painful relationship with someone who cares nothing for her feelings.

August Series:  Narcissistic Personality Disorder Revisited

As we learn and grow our views of the world change; we change and we look at things differently than we used to. After years of working with victims of narcissistic abuse and going through her own personal experiences with narcissism Kaleah revisits this complex, confusing disorder and the impact it has on those who find themselves in the wake of its destruction.

Tuesday August 6th, 2013 4pm PT:  Understanding Narcissistic Abuse

So you've found yourself in a relationship with a narcissist or have been dealing with a narcissistic family member, friend, boss or co-worker.  Your feelings of insanity and confusion led you to research your symptoms only to come up with the term NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  Now what?  How do you get yourself unentangled from the narcissistic Web of Illusion and find your way back to Sanity. In this episode of Pandora's Box Kaleah brings new insight and awareness to the topic of NPD.

Tuesday August 13th, 2013 4pm PT:  Why "No Contact" is the Only Way to Freedom

Cutting people out of your life may not be your usual way of doing things but when in relationship with a narcissistic personality, sometimes it is the only option in order to break free of the insanity.  In this episode of Pandora's Box, Kaleah talks about the importance of "no contact" and what it really means to establish a "no contact" rule in your life.  Kaleah will talk about phone contact, email, text messaging, and even communication with common friends as well as how to deal with that burning desire to have contact.

Tuesday August 20th, 2013 4pm PT: The Co Dependent Enabler

In this third segment of "Narcissism Revisited" we will look at the role of the Co Dependent in relationship with the narcissist.  Most people who get involved and stay involved with narcissists are Co Dependent to some degree.  This means they put their own needs aside and tend to the needs of the narcissist.  Co Dependents are often unable to see their own role in the dysfunction of a relationship, play the victim and don't take personal responsibility.  The good news is that Co Dependents can heal and recover.  When the Co Dependent can understand his or her own deep woundedness they can understand better how they are attracted to the deep woundedness of the narcissist.  The healing can only happen when the Co Dependent withdraws his or her focus on the narcissist and begins to focus on his or her own healing. 

Tuesday August 27th, 2013 4pm PT:  Attracted to Danger

Why are so many women attracted to the bad boy or narcissist and why are so many men attracted to the borderline, high maintenance vixon?  This is a common question that is often difficult to find an easy answer to.  In this episode of Pandora's Box we will look deeper into the powerful draw to the narcissist and how we can understand our own attraction factor, change it and move on to a much more sane and healthy relationship.  In this episode Kaleah will give six reasons we are attracted to danger and ten steps to avoid getting involved in dangerous relationships.


July Series:  The Four Stages of Metamorphosis

Tuesday July 30th, 2013 4pm PT:  Living the Authentic Life

To wrap up the four stages of metamorphosis Kaleah talks about living the authentic life.  It is the new life as a butterfly; as your true self where you now make your own needs a priority and live a life designed by YOU.  Does this mean you are always happy, joyful and fulfilled?  NO!  it means you are REAL and have real feelings, real relationships and real, honest communication.  No more wishing that someone else will come in and rescue you from pain.  You have learned to accept pain as part of your life experience and have become your own rescuer. 

Kaleah draws inspiration from her new book "Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul" sharing her ideas and concepts from the book.

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Tuesday July 23rd, 2013 4pm PT:Stage Four: Birthing the Butterfly

coverimage 200wThis is the final stage of metamorphosis where the new body of the butterfly is formed and it has sufficient strength to break out of the cocoon and take flight into its new life. This is the stage of rebirth where everything begins to emerge much like the bursting forth of springtime. This is where you may truly feel inspired by life again; you begin to come back out and be more social. It may be a time where you move to a new place, launch a new business, get a new job, work out and get into great shape, change your diet, start expressing yourself artistically in a new way and even finding new love.

In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah talks about the rebirth and how you can recognize that point where you stop dying and start being born.

Kaleah draws inspiration from her new book "Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul" sharing her ideas and concepts from the book.

Learn More About This Book or Purchase It Now!


Tuesday July 16th, 2013 4pm PT: The Third Stage of Metamorphosis:Emptiness; The blank Slate; Imagining the New

coverimage 200wIn the process of metamorphosis the old resistant cells are being consumed by the rapidly growing imaginal cells. The old cells are the body of the caterpillar surrendering its form to become the butterfly. But how is the butterfly formed? From the new, non resistant imaginal cells. As we let go of the old we use our own imaginal cells or imagination to create the new life that is emerging.

In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah talks about the emptiness most people find themselves in during a personal metamorphosis and how to use your imagination to create what you really want in life.

Kaleah draws inspiration from her new book "Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul" sharing her ideas and concepts from the book.

Learn More About This Book or Purchase It Now!



Tuesday, July 9th, 2013 4pm PT: The Second Stage of Metamorphosis: In the Womb of Transformation

coverimage 200wBeing in the womb of transformation is being in the cocoon. One has dissolved into nothingness and a major inward retreat is in process. This is not a time to be social or “out there” in the world. It is a time for personal retreat, solitude and introspection. It is a time to face the dragon; the shadow; our own dark side. In this place we confront our deepest fears and insecurities; we cry all our uncried tears; grieve what has outgrown its form or no longer a part of our lives and we learn to surrender to the process of being “in the womb of transformation.”

Kaleah draws inspiration from her new book "Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul" sharing her ideas and concepts from the book.

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Tue. July 2, 2013 4pm PT:  The First Stage of Metamorphosis: Dying to the Old

In the first stage of metamorphosis we enter the chrysalis and dissolve our old form. This is a time of dismantling and coming apart where we have a tendency to resist the process, hcoverimage 200wold on to what was and invest an incredible amount of energy trying to keep the old form intact. We have not yet learned to surrender. The process can be deeply frightening and uncertain. It is in this stage we must realize that our life as a caterpillar is over and the only option available to us is to surrender to the process, let go and let God. It helps to know we are becoming something much greater than what we were, but it doesn’t feel great at all. It feels like a death! It is a death! Before there can be rebirth there must be death.

In this episode of Pandora’s Box, Kaleah talks about the process of dying to what has outgrown its form.

Kaleah draws inspiration from her new book "Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul" sharing her ideas and concepts from the book.

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Tuesday June 25th, 2013 4pm PT:  Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul with Kaleah

 Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul by KaleahKaleah's new book "Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul" is now available!  This episode of Pandora's Box will talk about the topic of the book; traversing the dark night of the soul.

Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul is a guide for those who find themselves in the darkest, most painful time of their life due to major loss, divorce, illness, or a relationship with a narcissist, borderline or sociopath.

If you feel the rug has been pulled out from under your feet; the bottom has dropped out and you don’t know where to turn, this book will not only help give you tools to navigate through the darkness but will also give you hope.

Through every death is a rebirth. You may be entering the greatest metamorphosis of your life. The journey through darkness can be compared to the journey into the cocoon where a powerful transformation takes place. Kaleah will take you by the hand and help you to navigate through the dark and painful emotions that keep you feeling lost, stuck and hopeless. When Pandora’s Box is opened all your unfelt emotions come flooding to the surface, yet the last remaining piece is hope.

This book will inspire you and help you to see that you are not dying but rather you are being born.

Learn More About This Book or Purchase It Now!


Tuesday February 5th, 2013 4pm PT:  Personal Empowerment with Kaleah and Anah Maa

kaleah anah radioKaleah and Anah Maa join together to discuss the topic of personal empowerment.  What does it really mean to be empowered?  How do you become empowered and what results can you expect to see in your life as a result? 

The personal growth industry is a multi million dollar industry with hundreds of thousands of people seeking answers on how to live a more empowered life, be more authentic, have better personal relationships and more abundance.  But with all those flocking to the personal growth industry for answers only three percent ever truly have results.  Why is that?  How can you see true results in your own life and live the life you have only dreamed of?  Tune in and see what Kaleah and Anah have to say.



Special Broadcast

Friday February 1st at 10am PST, 2013:  How I Healed Lyme Disease

drsmith 100wkaleah2012 100wKaleah interviews Dr. Tony Smith of Northern Idaho who assisted her in the healing of her Lyme Disease using a special kind of treatment that is producing results for Lyme Sufferers. 

In 2010 Kaleah was struck with severe symptoms which resulted in eighty percent loss of range of motion in both arms.  She suffered incredible pain and muscle spasms as well as loss of sleep due to pain.   She tried all kinds of alternative treatments, still the disabling affects of Lyme took its toll on her.

After meeting with a doctor who did kinesiology by phone she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and a host of other issues.  When Kaleah was referred to the same doctor in Northern Idaho two days in a row she picked up the phone and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Tony Smith who confirmed her diagnosis of Lyme Disease.  After a series of five treatments in a two week period Kaleah's symptoms began to subside with the only lasting symptom being the loss of range of motion.  Through positive intention and diligent effort Kaleah worked to recover full range of motion in both arms within a nine month period. 

Kaleah will be talking to Dr. Tony Smith about Lyme Disease and how he tests and treats it.  You can find out more about Dr. Tony Smith at:


Tuesday January 22nd 2013 4pm PT: The Stockholm Syndrome and the Trauma Bond

kaleah2012 100wWhy is it that the hostages of the Stockholm Bank Robbery defended the Robbers even after continual threats of death and abuse?  Why did two of these women hostages get engaged to their captors?  The Stockholm Syndrome is an example of trauma bonding that is also prevalent with victims of narcissistic and other pathological abuse.  In this episode we will talk about the trauma bond and how it keeps you connected to the abuser long after he/she is gone. 




Tuesday January 8th 2013 4pm PST: Heartbreak and Soul Rape

kaleah2012 100wHave you suffered a heartbreak? Are you trying to figure out how to heal from the most painful situation of your life? In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah talks about how to approach the process of healing from heartache and heartbreak as well as understanding soul rape and the trauma bond beneath it.

Kaleah also addresses the self blame and destruction that happens after this kind of trauma and also helps you to understand why this is indeed a trauma. Understanding what really happened on a soul level is important to healing and moving forward in ones life.


Tuesday January 1st 2013:  Launching into the New World (2013) with Kaleah and Anah Maa

kaleah_anah_radioIt is New Years Day 2013!  Kaleah and Anah Maa gather once again to talk about this powerful time that we are in and how to use this transformational energy to change your life into the life you have always dreamed of.  Yes dreams are possible and now even more so than ever.

Listen to this powerful episode of Pandora's Box to learn more.



Tuesday December 18th, 2012:  Transitioning into a New Age!  December 21st 2012 is HERE!  with Kaleah

kaleah2012_100wThe time is near.  The time is here.  December 21st 2012 is the time, according to many scientists, marks the end of the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of a new age of enlightenment.  What does that mean to us?  What can we expect?  What kind of predictions are being made? 

Join Kaleah to light your candles and prepare for not only the darkest time of the year but the time that marks the beginning of the return of the light.  Not only for 2012 but for the future of mankind.


Tuesday December 11th, 2012:  "Soul Thievery: When Sex Addiction Invades your Relationship" with Lili Bee

lili_100wWhen porn/sex addiction showed up in Lili's  primary relationship many years ago, she eventually had a deep knowing that its presence was leading her not only towards her own recovery, but for her to embrace others' suffering from the same painful circumstances.

In Lili's own words: “By integrating my own experience plus that of others, with my years of ongoing research in sex addiction/narcissism, I hope to guide those who are suffering the effects of being partnered with a sexual compulsive into a healing experience. For myself, I can say that though the Discovery phase and the difficult years which followed it were among the most painful of my life, I was also blessed with great healing and growth along this journey. It is this which I hope to share.”

In 2010 she founded the Partners of Sex Addicts Resource Center (posarc.com) to provide the psycho-educational help she wished had been available to her during her own painful years of being partnered with a sexual compulsive.


Tuesday December 4th, 2012, 4pm PST:  The 2012 Transformation


December 21st, 2012 is not only the Winter Solstice; the darkest day of the year, it is also the end of the Mayan Calendar.  But the end of the Mayan Calendar doesn't mean the end of the world, rather the end of an age and the beginning of a new one. 

In this episode of Pandora's Box, Kaleah and Anah Maa discuss the 2012 energy, what is happening now and what is passing away and what is being reborn.

Anah is in Spain and her Internet connection wasn't really strong so her call dropped a few times and the voice quality isn't the best; but the subject matter is great.


Tuesday November 20th, 2012, 4pm PST:  Forgiving the Unforgivable with Lori Rubenstein

lori100_4In this episode of Pandora's Box, Kaleah talks with friend and author Lori Rubenstein on the topic of Forgiveness.  Forgiveness is a topic that is uncomfortable for many who are suffering an extreme injustice at the hands of another.  How do you get to a point of letting go so that YOU can move on?  Lori will share some powerful insights and inspiration on how you can get to a place of peace within yourself, regardless of what was done to YOU.

Lori recently released a new book titled "Forgiveness:  Heal your past and find the peace YOU deserve." 

Visit Lori at www.lorirubenstein.com




Tuesday November 6, 2012 4pm PDT:  The Age of Transparency with Kaleah and Anah Maa


December 21st, 2012 marks a time of great transformation on the planet as we move into a new age of enlightenment and awareness.  Dark agenda's are being exposed and those parts of ourselves we have been unable or unwilling to look at until now. 

Once again Kaleah and Anah Maa join together in a powerful conversation about the time we are in and how you can use this transformative energy for your own benefit and the benefit of mankind.


Tuesday October 30, 2012 4pm PDT:  Healing the Wounded Heart

kaleah2012_100wNobody wants to have their heart broken.  It is painful.  It is messy and creates a type of suffering we would all just as soon avoid.  However there is a gfit in getting your heart broken that most people don't consider.  When your heart breaks it breaks open and the result, if tended to with love and care is an "open heart" that can allow even more love in, even greater compassion and caring.  That aching heart.  That breaking heart is asking to expand to a greater level of awareness of oneself.  Not only do we learn greater compassion for the one who has broken our heart but the greatest of all is the compassion we learn to have for ourselves.

In this episode of Pandora's Box Kaleah discusses the beauty of heart-break and how you can use your heart break to consciously expand your awareness of self and heal the wounded heart once and for all.


Tuesday October 16th, 2012 4pm PDT:  Grieving a Narcissistic Relationship

Grief is a normal human response to loss in one’s life.  This is why Elizabeth Kubler Ross came up with the five stages of grief.  She wanted people who are grieving to understand that it is “normal” to react with different emotions such as denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  

In this episode of Pandora’s Box, Kaleah talks about the grief that is typical when coming out of a narcissistic or emotionally abusive relationship and how the grief can be intensified when you realize you are the only one grieving the loss.

Tuesday October 9th, 2012: The Healing Power of Prayer with Kaleah

What do you do when it seems there is nothing more you can do? You have tried everything you know and are at the end of your rope. In this episode Kaleah talks about the power of prayer to heal any situation and bring about the highest and the best outcome for all concerned. She will be looking at how to address feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and loss of faith.

Tuesday October 2nd, 2012 4pm PDT:  The Voice of Feminine Power with Kaleah and Anah Maa

In this episode of Pandora's Box Kaleah and Anah Maa talk about Feminine Power and how important it is for women to know where their power comes from and how to use it for good in their life and the lives of those around them.

This is a pre-recorded episode that has been edited due to some technical difficulty.  The first time in my five year radio career that I've had so much technical difficulty and look at the topic?

Tuesday September 25th, 2012 4pm PDT: The Mirror Effect with Kaleah

kaleah_pandora_100wIf you have studied personal or spiritual growth you have likely heard about the law of attraction and also “The Mirror Effect.” The Law of Attraction tells us we create the circumstances of our lives based on different internal factors such as what we believe, what we feel and where we are energetically. The Mirror Effect tells us that our relationships and circumstances in life are reflecting to us our beliefs, feelings or energetic vibrations. If we are unsatisfied with our relationships or circumstances in life it might be beneficial to look more closely at these reflections and see what they are showing us.

In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah delves deeply into the topic of “The Mirror Effect” to help you explore what is in your “shadow” that might be attracting the unpleasant life circumstances you are struggling with. Understanding the mirror can help you to know yourself on greater levels and know where you need to grow.


Tuesday September 11th, 2012 4pm PDT:  Healing the Shadow with Ross Bishop

There are two kinds of Shaman. Some people have a gift and study for years to develop that gift into a powerful healing art. Ross is what is called a natural Shaman, someone who was born blessed with a natural gift for healing. Ross has studied traditional shamanism and has brought the core of the ancient traditions into a form that can be used by people of our culture and time.

In a former life, Ross was president of an advertising agency and a communications executive. After that, he taught creative thinking. Seeing the limitations that fear placed on people's creative passions and the limitations it brought in his own life brought Ross to undertake a spiritual journey in search of answers. That journey covered many miles and several continents.

Ross had a private healing practice in Santa Fe for 22 years, relocated to Charlottesville, Virginia in 2005, and returned to Santa Fe in 2010. In 1998 Ross wrote his first book Healing The Shadow, which looks at the dark forces in our lives, their powerful role in affecting us and how we can deal with them. In 2004 Ross released his second book, Truth which offers a spiritual explanation of life and offers many healing techniques. In January of 2008 Ross released his third book, Journey to Enlightenment, which explores the barriers we put up to our spiritual development. Ross writes extensively about life and spirituality on his web site. His articles and books can be found at: http://www.rossbishop.com

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012: Being Authentic Part 2 with Kaleah and Anah Maa

Last month Kaleah and Anah Maa dug deeply into the trenches of what it means to be authentic, true to yourself, what you feel, and what you want in life.

This month we will dig even deeper or as is said "go even deeper into the rabbit hole" to discover the truth about who you are and the depth of the inner journey often required to get there. Becoming authentic isn't necessarily an easy process.  It can be one of the most difficult journeys of your life; because facing the truth about who you are also requires facing the lies.

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012:  Being Authentic with Kaleah and Anah Maa

kaleah_anah_radioIn this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah and Anah Maa talk about being authentic with your feelings no matter what they are. A deeper look into feeling your anger, rage, and other feelings in a way that is “out of the box.” Lets get real! Lets be authentic with who we are and where we are at in our lives.


Tuesday, July 31st, 2012:Why Did You Leave Me?  Healing Abandonment

Why did you leave me is a question that comes up in a relationship with a significant other, with a parent or sibling and ultimately with God or the source of our existance.  In this episode of Pandora's Box, Kaleah delves into deep seated abandonment issues and why they can have such a deep and lasting impact on us.

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012:Drinking the Dragon: Stories of the Dark Night of Soul with Dr. Patricia Ariadne, MFT

Dr. Patricia Ariadne
interviewed "everyday" people who have undergone profound periods of depression and despair triggered by many of the crises common to human life:  death of loved ones, divorce, illness, aging.  However, some of the crises she is encountering in her practice have been created by recent economic conditions, such as loss of home or a job.  Her contention is that this process is a essentially a spiritual process. If navigated correctly, it can bring about a  reorientation, a recognition of what is really important in life.  People can begin to re-prioritize what they give their time and attention to, as the things they thought they could depend on have failed them.  Trying to escape this meeting of the self through drugs, alcohol, sex, frantic activity, overwork, etc., does not work, because the void they have been trying to fill is a God-shaped hole. Dr. Ariadne's thesis is that through many of the difficulties we are currently facing, we are being forced to mature spiritually--this means learning more about ourselves, reconnecting to Spirit or Source, and giving back to our communities.


Tuesday, July 17th, 2012:   Running from Pain

kaleah_pandora_100wWhen you have experienced being devalued and discarded in your relationship it is easy to jump to the emotional conclusion that “it’s me! It’s my fault, I’m not good enough, I’m not enough” but what you might not realize is the person jumping ship is not bailing from you as much as he/she is bailing from his/her own pain.

When a relationship progresses if you don’t have the tools to deal with conflict and to communicate openly and honestly there can be no resolution for issues and those issues will continue to expand until they destroy the relationship. Those who are narcissistic or don’t have any relationship skills will tend to project their repressed pain onto those closest to them and then disassociate from that person in attempt to disassociate from the pain. We may be under the impression that the one doing the devaluing and discarding isn’t feeling a thing, but it might be more that this person is running from his/her feelings.   You may end up feeling that you are carrying the “pain bag” and may even own the projections of the one running from pain.

In this episode of Pandora’s Box we will shed light on what it might look like if someone you love has cut you off and how this may have absolutely nothing to do with you. You may simply be mirroring the pain of the person who is disassociating and really running from himself/herself.

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012:  Awakening to Authenticity with Norma Hollis (America's Leading Authentic Voice Doctor)

norma_hollisNorma T. Hollis has always listened to the quiet voice within and acted on it – no matter what. For as long as she can remember she’s known that she came to the planet with a purpose. She even has memories of being given an assignment immediately before birth. But she forgot this until she was reminded at age eight when a perforated eardrum resulted in two years of excruciating earaches. The experience and the many mystical ones that followed taught her to listen deeply to the voices that spoke within.

The voices guided her to spend 30 years studying human energy systems from personal, professional and spiritual perspectives. In the process she was instructed to take all that she had learned and experienced and write exercises to help people in the nine vibrational energies that were revealed to her. Now she spends her life sharing these nine vibrational energies, helping people find their authenticity within the nine energies, aligning the energies and raising their vibration. This process is actually the continuation of her soul’s journey and the focus of her work for many millennia.


Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012 4pm PDT:  Loving Your Independence with Kaleah and Anah Maa

kaleah_anah_radioIt's almost Independence Day in the U.S. and Anah and I felt it would be powerful to do a show on Independence.  Don't worry it's not political.  We are going to be talking about the Joy of being Independent, finding that strength within ourselves to step out into the world and do, be and have whatever we set our hearts to.  Anah and I are both making powerful changes in our lives and will be talking about the shifts happening not only for us but for a majority of people on the planet right now.



Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 4pm PDT:  Finding Love Again with Kaleah

We all hear about the importance of loving yourself, but what does it really mean to love yourself?  What does it mean to extend yourself compassion and true self-care?  In this episode of Pandora's Box we are going to talk about the most important and rewarding love relationship you will ever have; the love relationship with yourself.   What does it mean to love yourself and how to you get from self loathing to self appreciation?  Why is it so important to find love on the inside before finding love on the outside?  Join us and find out why.

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012: Understanding the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is the seat of our emotions, serves as a memory bank storing everything we've ever seen, heard or experienced, manages all of our involuntary body functions and is also in control of our health, sickness, relationship responses, wealth, successes and failures.  Wouldn't it make sense that we would at least attempt to understand the workings of such a powerhouse? In this episode of Pandora’s Box we are going to talk about the power of the subconscious mind to change your reality.

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 4pm PDT:  Why Can't I Let Go?

The question I hear more than anything else from Clients I work with is “Why Can’t I Let Go?” A toxic relationship has fallen apart and you are left in the worst pain of your life and yet you are still wishing it could have turned out differently. You wish he or she wouldn’t have treated you the way they did. You wish they had been different. You wish you could get the person you had in the beginning, back. You wish you could get yourself back. You may find yourself obsessing about what went wrong and stuck in a world of negativity and dark imaginings. Some of you may even feel your life is over and no longer have a desire to go on. You find yourself holding onto the past as if it was the only thing left in your life.

In this episode of Pandora’s Box we are going to talk about what keeps you holding on and how you can let go of relationships that are no longer bringing you love, peace and joy or that never did bring you love peace and joy.

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012:  The Truth Behind Being True to Yourself!


What does it mean to be true to yourself? In this episode Kaleah and Anah Maa will delve deep into this topic of expressing yourself authentically, getting in touch with your true feelings, and following the call of your heart. What prevents us from being true to ourselves? Why do we compromise ourselves and fear authentic self expression?



Tuesday May 29th:  Understanding Adult Attachment

kaleah_pandora_100wStudies show that how we attach to our primary caregivers as infants and young children affect how we attach to our romantic partners in our adulthood. There are three different styles of attachment that affect your level of security or anxiety in your relationships. In this episode of Pandora’s Box, Kaleah will discuss the three attachment styles, focusing on the anxious attachment style and how that relates to the more narcissistic, avoidant attachment style.



Tuesday, May 8:  Escaping the Prisons of Your Mind  with Kaleah and Anah Maa


Kaleah and Anah Maa will be discussing how we imprison ourselves in obsessive thinking, ruminating thoughts and repetitive stories that keep you stuck in your mind. Learn how to change your thinking, shift your perspective and take that journey from the head to the heart where you can find peace and serenity.


Tuesday May 1st, 2012:  The Soul's Initiation

We often find ourselves in very challenging times and wonder how we got here. What if it was your higher self that orchestrated the current circumstances of your life? What if that narcissistic jerk or sociopathic predator showed you his/her true colors so that you could see the truth and move beyond the lie? What if instead of life punishing you by giving you this awareness, it was protecting you and helping you to unveil more truth in your life?

In this episode of Pandora’s Box we are going to talk about the Souls Initiation or the human challenges we must often undergo in order to become more fully connected to our true selves. The concepts discussed in this episode can help you to see your life from a higher perspective, release your victimization story and see yourself as being supported and empowered rather than victimized and torn down.


Tuesday March 27th, 2012:  Reconnection Therapy with Dr. Eric Pearl, The world’s leading authority in energy healing and beyond

ericpearl_100wInternationally recognized healer Eric Pearl has appeared on countless television programs in the US and around the world, spoken by invitation at the United Nations, presented to a full house at Madison Square Garden, been interviewed in various publications including The New York Times, and most recently featured in the film, The Living Matrix.

As a doctor, Eric ran a highly successful chiropractic practice for 12 years until one day his patients began reporting that they felt his hands on them – even though he hadn’t physically touched them. Patients soon reported receiving miraculous healings from cancers, AIDS-related diseases, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, birth disfigurements, cerebral palsy and other serious afflictions. All this occurred when Eric simply held his hands near them – and to this day, it continues.

His patients’ healings have been documented in six books to date, including Eric’s own international bestseller, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, now in more than 36 languages! http://www.thereconnection.com/



Tuesday March 13th, 2012:  The Metaphysical Myth with Kaleah and Anah Maa


kaleah_pandora_100wJoin Kaleah and Anah as they engage in yet another interesting healing conversation with profound insights you can use in your life today.

For those on a spiritual path you have likely encountered certain belief systems within both Christianity and Metaphysics that tend to hold the student to perfectionist standards. In this episode of “Pandora’s Box” Kaleah and Anah Maa are going to talk about some of the “shame based” beliefs that keep us “feeling bad about ourselves” rather than thriving forward.



Tuesday March 6th, 2012: The Power of Rage

kaleah_pandora_100wWhen we envision someone filled with rage, we might imagine a maniac, with wild eyes and crazy hair who is completely out of control. We might imagine someone filled with destructive energy, a sort of “Kali” on a destructive rampage. But within everyone who has gone through any kind of abuse or injustice there is a seething rage at the core. You could potentially be filled with rage and not even be aware of it. Rage turned inward can be very destructive, causing illness, dis-ease, depression and resentment and hostility towards others. In this episode of Pandora’s Box we are going to bring the rage out of the closet and take a good look at it. Look at how getting in touch with your own rage can be a powerful healer in your life.



Tuesday February 28th, 2012:  What’s In It For Me? Self Care versus Selfishness

kaleah_pandora_100wWhen entering a new relationship are you seeking someone who can ultimately benefit you or are you thinking about all that you can give to that person? Most Co-dependent type people are more concerned with giving to get rather than considering their own needs and how that “other person” could potentially meet those needs. If one thinks too much of his/her own needs there may be a shame based idea that “I am selfish.” Join us for this episode of Pandora’s Box where you will learn to consider your own needs first and foremost when considering a new relationship. Learn how to ask yourself all the right questions and what those questions are.




Tuesday February 21st, 2012:  The Genesis Code: The Next Level of Man with Abraham Lopian and Julie A. Snyder


abrahamlopianjuliesnyderThe Genesis Code: God Has Spoken, is an untraveled path that leads to God’s giving of the Luchot Haedot—the “first” mystical tablets brought down Mt. Sinai prior to the giving of The Ten Commandments. See creation through the eyes of Moses, learn what these tablets truly were, and know their unparalleled message that is the “Bible’s deepest secret.” At the depths of God's written word, a coded language was embedded in the Bible over 3000 years ago. Deep within the Five Books of Moses, God's message would lay dormant for thousands of years...waiting for a future man to absorb its truth. The Genesis Code: God Has Spoken sheds new light on the metaphysical world, reveals how our three-dimensional reality rose out of the "nothingness that is everything," and delves into aspects of the Godliness our world has never known. Full of new concepts and revelations, you will never look at life and creation the same again. The "next level" has just entered your awareness.

Abraham and Julie, through their diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, and experiences bring forth extraordinary revelations of enlightenment for today's consciously evolved male and female. With passion and intelligence, the reader is taken into the rabbit hole of advanced conceptions where a new and extraordinary perspective of God, man, nature, life, death, love, and reality emerges out of the shadows and into the light of human awareness.


February 14th, 2012: Anah Maa, Out of Darkness of Ritual Abuse

anahmaa_100wanahmaa_bookJoin Anah Maa, former co-host of “Dispelling the Myths,” and I as we discuss Anah’s new book release The Light at the end of the Tunnel.   The Light at the End of the Tunnel is an inspiring true story about how Kelly Lynn (now, Anah Maa) overcame all odds and found healing and joy.  Kelly was born into a  sadistic satanic cult.  For the first 12 years of her life, Kelly was  sexually, physically, mentally and spiritually tortured, she was raped, sold into child prostitution and used in their sick and twisted child pornography ring.  In the cult she witnessed the night time rituals of bloody sacrifices, violent deaths, the torturing of innocent children and animals.  http://www.ajourneyoflight.com/



February 7th, 2012:  Accepting Everything Exactly As It Is


The cause of much of our suffering is wanting things to be different than they are. A lot of the great master teachers teach us to be in the present moment however part of being in the moment is accepting the moment. In this episode of Pandora’s Box we will talk about how when we can surrender to “what is” we can bring about more powerful change in our lives.

Learn an easy meditation technique that will help you to be in the moment with what is.




Tuesday January 31st, 2012:  Navigating the Dark Night Of The Soul


In this week’s episode of Pandora’s Box we are going to talk about the journey through the dark night of the soul.  When your Pandora's Box has been opened a Dark Night is sure to follow as you feel some of the most intense emotional pain of your life.  We are going to talk about what the dark night is and how we can learn to navigate through it.  Like a ship at sea we need a compass and a sense of direction even when there really is no sense of direction through a journey like this.  Learn tools to help you get through an intense emotional period that comes with loss of self or identity, loss of a significant other or loss of a sense of direction in life.




Tuesday January 24th, 2012:  Shame, Shame, Shame!


In this week’s episode of Pandora’s Box we are going to talk about how shame can run your life. Shame is a feeling that something is really wrong with you at your very core. I’ve always seen shame as the “Original Sin” that gets past down from generation to generation. We are shamed as children “you should be ashamed of yourself,” we shame ourselves as adults and if we are carrying toxic shame we easily draw relationships that shame us. Learn how to identify shame in yourself and what to do about healing it.




Tuesday January 17th, 2012:  Does “I Love You” mean “I Need You?”


When we come out of a toxic relationship we often feel very confused and even needy. Our feelings of love for that person may not be love at all but rather “need.” If we truly loved that person we can still feel that “love” but it doesn’t mean we “need” them in our lives. Find out how you can tell the difference between love and need and how you can still continue to love, even if you didn’t get what you wanted from that relationship.



Tuesday January 10th, 2012:  Emotional Healing.  Getting Out Of Your Own Way

kaleah_pandora_100wFeeling is healing. When we can get out of our own way and stop trying to control everything in our lives we can begin allowing what is in the unconscious to emerge. We don’t have to go digging. It is nature’s way that if we provide the right environment our healing is guaranteed. Just like if you fall and skin your knee. You don’t normally question whether or not that knee will heal. If kept clean and left alone it will.

This week we will look at how to use the law of nature to assist you in your path to emotional healing.  




Tuesday January 3rd, 2012: Pandora’s Box with Kaleah

kaleah_pandora_100wAfter three years of hosting “Dispelling the Myths” Kaleah has been guided to shift gears and start the New Year (2012) with a new show Title and theme “Pandora’s Box.” In this episode Kaleah will talk about how she came to work with “Pandora,” and many of the other Greek Goddesses, talk about the Greek Mythology behind “Pandora’s Box” and begin to pull topics out of the box that are on the table for so many people undergoing extreme metamorphosis. Our shadows are in our faces and we can no longer hide. But what do we do with all of the fear, the pain and the anxiety that is coming up in such a big way? Tune in and find out.

With the new show title comes a new format. Kaleah will be talking about the topic of the show, taking listeners on a guided journey within and opening up for questions and comments. If you feel you would like to share or ask a question you can call into the show at:(347) 826-9626.



Tuesday, December 27th, 2012:  Could Your Inner Healer Be Attracting Wounded People?

sahvanna_100wJoin me as I interview Psychic and Author Sahvanna Arienta as we talk about the role of the lightworker and the challenges of being a born healer. Why dark energies are drawn to your light and how to protect yourself.  Sahvanna  explains in her book Lightworker: Understand Your Sacred Role as Healer, Guide, and Being of Light how it is the "Lightworker" mission to lend his or her light energy to a planet heavy with fear and negativity.

Sahvanna Arienta is a practicing psychic medium and intuitive advisor with clientele from around the globe. A respected radio host and recipient of six International Paranormal Acknowledgment Awards, she has studied and explored the metaphysical and paranormal realms extensively for more than twenty years. She is also the creator of Soul's Journey Media, a new thought company that brings messages of spiritual enlightenment to people all over the world. http://lightworker.ws/blog



Tuesday December 20th:  Codependence as Delayed Stress Syndrome With Robert Burney

robert_burney_100wJoin me as I interview Robert Burney, Codependency expert and author of “The Dance of Wounded Souls” as we talk about Codependency and Delayed Stress Sydrome.

“Codependence is a very vicious and powerful form of Delayed Stress Syndrome. The trauma of feeling like we were not safe in our own homes makes it very difficult to feel like we are safe anywhere. Feeling like we were not lovable to our own parents makes it very difficult to believe that anyone can Love us. Codependence is being at war with ourselves - which makes it impossible to trust and Love ourselves. Codependence is denying parts of ourselves so that we do not know who we are. Recovery from the disease of Codependence involves stopping the war within so that we can get in touch with our True Self, so that we can start to Love and trust ourselves."'  Visit Roberts Website at:  www.joy2meu.com



Tuesday December 13th:  You’ve Suffered Enough with Psychologist Ernie Vecchio

ernie_vecchioBack by popular demand to talk about the topic we touched on in our last interview on November 8th, is Psychologist and Author Ernie Vecchio talking about how “you’ve suffered enough.”  Can it be the end of suffering?  What does it mean to suffer?  What does it mean to suffer with yourself and with another rather than for yourself or another?  What does Ernie mean when he says “you’ve suffered enough?”  Join us and find out.

Ernie Vecchio is a licensed clinical, school and rehabilitation psychologist whose practice has spanned over 30 years. He is an author, spiritual teacher, and founder of the Institute for Compassionate Living an organization inspiring individuals who are committed to education, contemplation, introspection, and personal study.

Vecchio teaches his methodologies for self-discovery and self-healing as an Art of Compassionate Living. He offers strategies into how to build a bridge between the spiritual and emotional, recover intimacy, realize forgiveness, and restore one’s true purpose. You can learn more about Ernie at: www.truthsofbodyandsoul.com



Tuesday, December 6th:  Do Soulmates Really Exist?  With Scott and Shannon Peck

scott_shannon_peck_100wScott & Shannon Peck are love & relationship experts who are passionate about helping you find your soulmate & lasting love.

The Pecks are Love Master teachers, speakers, & co-authors of many books on love and healing, including their best-seller, “The Love You Deserve” as well as “Love Skills for Personal & Global Transformation” & “Liberating Your Magnificence.” Shannon is also the author of “Love Heals: How to Heal Everything with Love” & the “Love Heals Study Guide.”

The Pecks are co-founders of The Love Center, a non-profit educational organization where they have developed & taught many ground-breaking programs to create a world with more love.  You can find out more about Scott and Shannon at: www.ScottandShannonPeck.com



Tuesday, November 29th:  Enlightenment Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be with K.C. Forman, Ph.D

robert_formanWhat if you spent years of your life seeking spiritual enlightenment, but were looking in the wrong place? Dr Robert Forman shows lucidly how traditional spiritual ideas are giving seekers a wrong and frustrating impression about spiritual enlightenment. Forman believes that ancient spiritual models are giving seekers the wrong impression about spiritual enlightenment – and it’s creating a lot of pain and frustration.

By exploring his own 39-year experience of spiritual enlightenment, Dr. Forman shows that it is indeed possible to create harmony between real life and the spiritual depths. He describes how to easily weave the spaciousness one finds at the inner depths of the soul with the everyday “human messiness,”  Learn more about Dr. Forman at: www.EnlightenmentAint.com.



Tuesday, November 22nd:  The Unattractive Side of the Law of Attraction with Derek Rydall

derek_rydallHave you heard about the end of self-improvement? Or the unattractive side of the law of attraction? Have you ever considered that our current global crises as well as our personal ones -- are actually evolutionary catalysts conspiring for our highest good?

After a near-death experience that led to a spiritual opening, Derek Rydall considered becoming a monk, then a minister, then cloistered himself in his apartment without TV or news and meditated for several years --emerging to become a licensed integrative therapist, best-selling author, and adopt a monk (that’s another story). His latest work is The Law of Emergence and a process he calls Emergineering – which is about engineering the full emergence of one’s life, business, relationship, or any project. It’s a revolutionary principle that resolves many of the problems of the law of attraction and other manifestation and success techniques -- and frees people from the stress and struggle of self-improvement.  You can find out more about Derek at http://derekrydall.com/


Tuesday, November 15th, 4pm PST:   Feeding Our Demons with Kaleah and Jon Waldrup   

johnwaldrup_100wThe Fourth Man in our “Evolving Men” Series couldn’t be with us on Tuesday so Jon Waldrup, Sandpoint, Idaho Astrologer was so kind as to come in on a moments notice and join me in some fun and stimulating conversation about Global transformation and the personal journey of allowing our demons to come out and give them a voice rather than trying to resist them.




Tuesday, November 8th,  4pm PST: The Gift of Adversity with Psychologist Ernie Vecchio

ernie_vecchioLeft to find his way in the world by age six, Ernie overcame great adversity to get where he is today. Multiple foster homes and a variety of abuses preceded his nine year stay in a local orphanage. He often says about his life: "If you haven't got a story, nothing happened!" Today, Ernie has helped countless individuals find balance between their outside reality and inner personal truths.

Ernie Vecchio is a licensed clinical, school and rehabilitation psychologist whose practice has spanned over 30 years. He is an author, spiritual teacher, and founder of the Institute for Compassionate Living an organization inspiring individuals who are committed to education, contemplation, introspection, and personal study.

Vecchio teaches his methodologies for self-discovery and self-healing as an Art of Compassionate Living. He offers strategies into how to build a bridge between the spiritual and emotional, recover intimacy, realize forgiveness, and restore one’s true purpose. You can learn more about Ernie at:



Tuesday November 1st, 4pm PST:  The Happiest Guy I Know - with Brent Anthony Stevens

brent_anthony_stevensKnown by many of his friends as "The Happiest Guy I Know, " Brent Anthony Stevens went from being three hundred pounds and suicidal to a healthy, happy beacon of light for all who cross his path.  Learn how he found himself through his own dark night of the soul.  Celibate for ten years and only twenty seven years old this bright young man has a greater handle on personal happiness than most people will ever find in their lifetime.

I didn’t find Brent through a book he authored or a bio coming across my desk.  I met him at an Equinox event in Sandpoint, Idaho and his peaceful, loving presence drew me in for an honest, open conversation where he shared his journey with me.  I just knew at that point I wanted to invite him to be on the show, not for what he is marketing, but for who he is.



Tuesday October 25th, 4pm PST: Fate Versus Destiny – with Astrologist Jon Waldrup

johnwaldrup_100wThere is a huge shift in consciousness happening right this minute. The human race is evolving into a cohesive organism. This evolution is taking place in our hearts and minds. Each soul enters the body with an intention to experience certain things in this lifetime, and these experiences are, at the metaphysical level, shown in your astrological chart. But what happens when you resist your soul path?

Join Jon Waldrup and myself as we talk about the power of astrology to help us understand where we are in our personal journey and how we can use astrology to help us get more of what we want from life. We will have the opportunity to take a look at my personal chart, look at where our planet is as a whole right now and get a sneak peek at events leading up to December 21st 2012.  You can learn more about Jon by visiting his Website at www.senseofvisionastrology.com.



Tuesday March 22nd, 10am PST:  Kaleah Visits John of God

Join Kaleah and Anah Maa as they catch up with each other about Kaleah's trip to Brazil to see John of God and Anah's ventures to Scottsdale to the "Matrix Energetics" Seminar.  A show about the spiritual journey that is often enhanced by the physical journey's we take.

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Tuesday December 28th, 10am PST:  Starting Over:  A Date with Your Destiny

Don’t have a date for New Years Eve?  Great!  Make a Date with yourself, your journal, a glass of your favorite beverage and a goal to re-create your life.  In this episode Kaleah and Anah will show you how you can use this time of year not only as a time of releasing the old but as a time of rebirth, to usher in a new energy, a new commitment to yourself and a whole new realty…one that serves the you, you are becoming.

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Tuesday December 21st 10am PST:  Rebirth of the Christ Consciousness

It seems when we are consumed with the commercial aspect of Christmas, caught up in a whirlwind of shopping and spending, we really miss out on the deeper experience of this sacred time of year.  This a time of Winter Solstice where we celebrate the return of the light, the rebirth of the sun/son and what many people refer to as the “Christ Consciousness.”  In this episode Kaleah and Anah discuss the deeper meaning of Christmas, the Winter Solstice and how we can return the “Christ” to Christmas.

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Tuesday December 14th 10am PST: The Narcissistic Catalyst

Going through narcissistic abuse can be one of the most painful, crazy making and debilitating experiences in one’s life.  At the same time going through the experience of narcissistic abuse can be the catalyst for ones greatest awakening.  In this episode Kaleah and Anah explore the common lessons, experiences and takeaways that can come from your dance with the narcissist.  Find out the powerful things that can happen when we learn to focus within ourselves rather than focusing our energy and attention outward on the narcissist.

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Tuesday December 7th 10am PST:   2012:  Is it the End, or Just the Beginning?

As we approach the year 2012 there is much talk about what is really going on in our world and on our planet.  In this episode Kaleah and Anah will talk about the end of the Mayan Calendar, other prophecies and myths. They will also look at a common question:  Are there more narcissists in the world now than ever? If so why?

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Tuesday November 30th at 10am Pacific Time:  What About the Children?

Do you have children and are concerned for their well being due to a toxic family member?  In this episode Kaleah and Kelly talk about the challenges of raising children in narcissistic and abusive environments.  They address those common fears of breaking up the family, helping the children deal with the abuse, staying in toxic relationships for the benefit of the children, Preventing your children from being “feed” or energy sources for a narcissistic parent and other common concerns.

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Tuesday November 23rd at 10am Pacific Time:  Creating Abundance through Gratitude:

Are you struggling to stay afloat financially or just could use a little more abundance in your life?  Are you trapped in a toxic relationship or workplace due to financial dependence?  In this episode Kaleah and Kelly talk about how you can have greater prosperity and abundance in your life through the power of gratitude and positive expectation.  What better time to practice these principals then during the time of “Thanksgiving.”  Find out what you can begin doing right now to change your financial circumstances.

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Tuesday November 16th at 10am Pacific Time:  How to Leave Your Toxic Lover.

Are you in a toxic love relationship with someone who is narcissistic, a sociopath or disordered in some way?  Do you know that you really need to leave the relationship in order to get healthy but unsure how?  In this episode Kaleah and Kelly discuss how to find the courage and strength to leave an abusive situation or dynamic that no longer serves your greatest good.  They will discuss the common traps and fears that keep you hanging on to a relationship that is robbing you of your energy and vitality and keeping you from stepping into your authentic powerful self.

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Tuesday November 9th at 10am Pacific Time:  The Dynamics of a Narcissistic or Troubled Family

With the holidays approaching many people are feeling the anxiety about spending time with toxic family members or entire family systems.  In this episode Kaleah and Kelly will be discussing unhealthy family dynamics, making the choice to stay engaged with a narcissistic or troubled family or to leave it, and how to enforce strong healthy boundaries.

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Tuesday November 2nd at 10am Pacific Time:  Energy Addicts

Who are those energy vampires who are constantly preying upon the energy of others?  In this episode of Dispelling the Myths, Kaleah and Kelly delve deeper into the discussion started with the October 19th episode of “Energy Givers and Takers.”  Find out why Narcissism is the ultimate energy addiction and also what you can do to protect yourself from energy vampires.

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Tuesday, October 26th at 10am Pacific Time: Germination...Life, Death, Rebirth

In this special Halloween episode Kaleah and Kelly talk about the original meaning of Halloween or “All Hallows Eve” and also the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Seeds always germinate in the darkness. And so there is a positive side of the darkness. It is the place we go within to be quiet and listen to that still small voice within. It is the feminine energy of introversion and inward focus. It is the energy that precedes the rebirth. It is the womb of the Mother. Darkness becomes malignant when it is the darkness of ignorance, the lack of awareness, and being cut off from the light.

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Tuesday, October 19th at 10am Pacific Time: The Energy of Life! Givers and Takers


There are two dominating energies on the planet. One is the givers who are pro life and support the positive vibration of the earth and its creatures. The second is anti-life which supports the energy of destruction and resonates at a low vibration. In this episode Kaleah and Kelly talk about the energy of life, the givers and takers, energy vampires and holy ones. Why do givers often partner with takers? Join us to learn more about this fascinating topic.

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Tuesday, October 12th at 10am Pacific Time: The Darkness…The Last Stand


When it seems the evil and narcissism of the world is coming to the forefront and it seems to be an epidemic, something else could be happening beneath the surface that we don’t quite see. In this episode Kaleah and Kelly talk about the crumbling of the evil empire and what it means to those of us who have been battling some form of evil in our lives.

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Tuesday, October 5th at 10am Pacific Time: The Face of Evil


So many people ask the question “what is evil?” We often think of evil as something that appears to us as ugly and sinister and something we would recognize right away. But this is not usually the case. In this episode Kaleah and Kelly look at the many faces of evil and the disguises that mask it. How will you know if you are dealing with an evil person or entity? Join us and find out.

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Tuesday September 28th at 10am PST:  Don't Just Survive, Learn to Thrive!



Often times when recovering from any kind of abuse it is easy to be in survival mode dealing with the fear and anxiety as it comes up and learning to negotiate each painful moment as it presents itself. But this is no way to live. In this episode Kaleah and Kelly talk about tools for thriving in your life and leaving an abusive past behind once and for all.

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Tuesday September 21st at 10am PST:  The Internalized Narcissist


Kaleah and Kelly

Why is it that after leaving an abusive relationship we can still continue to beat up on ourselves as if the abuser is living inside of us? Often the programming from abuse runs so deeply we no longer need the abuser in our lives to continue the damaging inner dialogue. In this episode Kaleah and Kelly discuss how one can confront the narcissist within and stop the pattern of abuse in its tracks. They provide tools for breaking free from destructive inner voices and begin treating oneself with kindness and care.


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Tuesday September 14th at 10am PST:  Facing the Giants



What are those elephants sitting in your “inner” room that you have been ignoring? When things seem overwhelming and “too big” for you to handle alone there is no choice left but to surrender. In this episode Kaleah and Kelly talk about confronting denial and surrendering to that wise teacher within. It is only when you face those giants with the power of “God, Spirit” you can really listen and learn what you need to know to release the shame and guilt of your past and finally find that place of peace.


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 Tuesday September 7th at 10am PST:  The Virgin Goddess



 The term “virgin” in Jungian psychology means “complete unto herself.” The mythological view of a virgin woman is that she is a woman who is not dependent upon an external male presence in order to be whole and fulfilled. She has a powerful balance of her inner masculine and inner feminine which allows her to navigate the world from a position of strength and authority. In this episode Kaleah and Kelly talk about what it means to truly be whole and complete in yourself, how to let go of dependency and outer seeking to get your inner needs met.

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Tuesday August 31st at 10am PST: Whats Love Got To Do With It with Kaleah LaRoche and Kelly Lynn



Many people interpret the intense chemistry and sexual fire of a relationship as love but love may not have anything to do with it. In this episode Kaleah and Kelly explore the topic of love and what it really means to have a loving, honoring and nurturing relationship.


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Tuesday August 24th at 10am Pacific:  From the Darkness into the Light with Kaleah LaRoche and Kelly Lynn



Kaleah LaRoche and new Co-host Kelly Lynn talk about their personal stories coming out of narcissistic and ritual abuse and how they used their experiences to step into the light of their true selves, going on to help others to heal and find the light.


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Tuesday April 6th at 4pm Pacific: The power of Lithomancy Psychic Reading by Gary Wimmer


gary_wimmerThe Lithomancy method of psychic reading is highly efficient and comprehensive because it offers insights into many different issues at one time and reveals how they interrelate. Patterns formed by the Stones clearly outline - in symbolic form - the person's present situation, upcoming situations, challenges, opportunities, and changes coming into play. Lithomancy readings always reveal the 'light at the end of the tunnel,' so I never leave a person without a great deal of insight and inspiration, regardless of the situation.

Gary L. Wimmer, has been a professional psychic for over 30 years. He uses regular playing cards to address specific issues of interest or concern (Cartomancy), and Lithomancy, a fascinating but little-known methodology that reveals in depth the challenges and opportunities a person faces over the next three months, and often longer. In essence, He offers profound insights and clear answers to your questions. Gary covers a lot of ground in a short time.

Call in for a free five minute reading on this episode of Dispelling the Myths.

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March 2nd 4pm PST: Turn Your Midlife Crisis Into Your Crowning Achievement with Urban Shaman Mama Donna Henes.

donna_henesMillions of women are now entering or in the midst of midlife. With unprecedented freedom, education, longevity, and wealth, they hold positions of unheard of responsibility and stature. No longer Maidens, nor Mothers, and not yet old Crones, the question arises: Where do these dynamic, accomplished middle-aged women fit into the traditional description of the three stages of womanhood?

In The Queen of My Self, Donna Henes proposes a completely original paradigm— that of the midlife Queen, a woman in her prime who has achieved wisdom, mastery, and self-esteem— that reflects more accurately the realities and needs of women today. Henes draws on history, mythology, and literature, her own life experience, as well as stories from women in many different societies, situations and stations to provide upbeat, practical, and ceremonial inspiration for all women who want to enjoy the fruits of an influential, passionate, and powerful maturity.

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January 5th 4pm PST: An Artists Journey of Transformation

jerry_wennstromIn 1979 Jerry Wennstrom was a rising star in the New York art world when he let go of his identity as an artist by intentionally destroying his large body of art and giving away his possessions. With this leap of faith Jerry embarked on a decade of wandering, listening, seeking, and relying on intuition and unconditional trust to guide and provide for him. His book, The Inspired Heart: An Artist’s Journey of Transformation, is a self-portrait of the life of a man guided by a desire to connect to the divine, creative spirit.

One of the most magnificent things about Jerry is his profound and courageous innocence. He has created a friendship with a part of himself which is in love with the world, and his art displays that. Jerry is one of the few people I know who, in a very quiet way, has actually claimed his happiness in existence. David Whyte – author, The Heart Aroused.

Jerry Wennstrom is an artist, author of "The Inspired Heart: An Artist's Journey of Transformation" and subject of Parabola and Sentient Publications documentary videos, "In the Hands of Alchemy” and "Studio Dialogue." Jerry lectures and offers film presentations internationally and writes monthly articles for Inferential Focus, a New York City think tank and consulting firm. The tower that he built on his Whidbey Island, Washington property and his life's story is featured in the book, Holy Personal by Laura Chester. For more information see his web site at- www.handsofalchemy.com.

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