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Sedona Talk Radio brings LIVE and recorded shows and interviews on topics of spiritual growth, metaphysical, the Paranormal, UFO's, angels and more.  Each month we add new shows to our Talk Show line up.

Although Sedona has long been home to the Spiritual Seeker, Sedona Talk Radio extends far beyond Sedona. We bring you interviews and Talk Shows with people all over the world. Sedona Talk Radio reaches a World-Wide Audience. At last count, we have reached over 110 countries around the world!

We bring you the best in new age radio and metaphysical radio programs designed to inspire and awaken you to your full potential.

We provide a venue for spiritual students everywhere to come and be a part of the Sedona Transformational energy.

We offer Membership Free Internet Radio!

We offer you the convenience of being able to listen to our Talk Shows anytime. You don't have to tune in at a particular time like the old traditional radio station.  You can tune in anytime day or night to listen to our latest programs. All programs are recorded for your convenience and are archived so you can listen when you want.

At the completion of each show, each show is automatically archived and made available to listeners around the world. This way you will never miss a show and can listen to it when you want.



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Tue. Sep. 2, 2014, 1pm PT, 4pm ET: Dr. Gary Gordon: Immune system, ASEA water, Chelation and Vitamin C

Dr. Gary GordonDr. Gary Gordon, MD will be joining us today.  Dr. Gordon is an international chelation expert, alternative medicine physician and expert on longevity medicine.

Dr. Gordon will be sharing the importance of Vitamin C, ASEA water, and heavy metals.  He will also share tips on heart and longevity health. We will be talking about your immune system, what to avoid in life that alters your body, how to improve the functioning of your body and why 'now' is so important to start to make changes.