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 Sedona International Film  Festival 2015 Feb 21-Mar.1


For the first time, the Festival will open with a thrilling concert by The Larry Dunn Anthology Of Earth Wind & Fire on Friday, February 20 at 7 p.m. at the Sedona Performing Arts Center. “Larry Dunn was the group’s musical director and former keyboard mastermind who wrote, produced and arranged many of the band’s legendary hits from 1972 to 1983 and performed on them all. Last year, he performed, produced and arranged three songs on Earth Wind & Fire’s latest album, "Now, Then & Forever"."


Orson WellesThe Festival will also offer more than 160 films—features, shorts, documentaries, animation, foreign and student films—plus personal appearances by Ed Asner, Mark Rydell, Jane Seymour, John Waters, and Chris Lemmon who will discuss his father, Jack Lemmon. Richard Dreyfuss will be honored, and the festival will pay a tribute—the first festival tribute to Orson Welles on his 100th birthday.

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Lucky Stiff A Delightful, Hilarious, Feel Good Musical Farce Winning Raves

Lucky StiffLucky Stiff is about Harry Witherspoon (played by British actor Dominic Marsh), a likeable but down-on-his-luck British young man who will inherit $6 million from his deceased American Uncle Tony, whom he has never met. The only thing Harry has to do is take his uncle’s dead body to Monte Carlo for a week of fun, dancing, laughter, and gambling. And if he doesn’t fulfill his uncle’s wishes, the $6 million will go to a dog charity.

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peter-s-fischerPeter S. Fischer, Richard Levinson and William Link co-created that perennial hit Murder, She Wrote starring the great Angela Lansbury. The show was a hit for 11 years and won the Best TV Drama at the 1985 Golden Globe Awards. During the past 30 years, the show is still going strong with audiences in re-runs.

Mr. Fischer served as Executive Producer for the first seven years of the show and wrote more than 50 scripts. As producer, he won two Golden Globes from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for Best Television Drama and in 1985, received an Edgar from the Mystery Writers of America.

After an illustrious 25-year career in network television, in 2011, Fischer turned to writing The Hollywood Murder Mysteries. This is a series of 16 novels written one book for each year, beginning in 1947 and ending in 1962. He has combined two of his great loves—writing mysteries and historic Hollywood—to create these unique mysteries.

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ILLUMINATE FILM FESTIVALAn exciting, new event will be held in Sedona, May 29-June 1. The first Illuminate Film Festival will feature mind-body-spirit films and documentaries, enlightening speakers and workshops, along with a "healing village" and a "view and do" experience that will deepen the film experiences for audiences.

The type of cinema that will be shown at the festival is "conscious cinema" as defined by Producer/Director David Christopher-Loya-Dojorquez: Life-offering work that holds human beings as sacred rather than expendable and encourages the audience to ponder existence more deeply than day-to-day routine.
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March 2014 Sedona International film Festival Great Success  

“One ordinary person can do extraordinary things” is how Patrick Schweiss, Executive Director of the Sedona International Film Festival, summed up some of the effects of the exciting and deeply moving independent films shown during this year’s festival. While the festival may be over, the organization still offers a full schedule of independent films at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre 52 weeks, seven days a week, from 4-7 p.m. “There’s always something to do,” Pat stresses. Checkout their website at for all the events planned throughout the year.
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Sedona International Film Festival Feb. 22-Mar. 2

Susan Sarandon, Shirley Knight, Ed Asner, Brad Paisley and others attending plus 160 films.

Screen-Shot-2014-02-15-at-9.25.10-AMIt's that fabulous time of the year. The exciting Sedona International Film Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary February 22-March 2. Named the Fest to Impress by MovieMaker Magazine, the festival is considered one of the country's top film festivals by both filmmakers and audiences.

Patrick Schweiss, Executive Director of the Sedona International Film Festival, commented: To be approaching the 20th anniversary of the Sedona International Film Festival is an incredible milestone, not just for the Festival Board, but for the entire community because, the fact is, the community has stood with us through the entire two decades.
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Uncle George - Movie Buff Extraordinaire

January 2014

By Joanna Paxinou

Uncle-George-125pxEveryone should have an Uncle George. He was my father's brother, and when my Dad passed away, Uncle George truly became my second father. Growing up in mid-town Manhattan, he was there for every crisis and for every good time. During those difficult teenage years, he was there with a good, encouraging word...always making me feel better and special. Most of all, he shared his love of movies with me. Read More




Cesar’s Last Fast- Sundance Film Festival Documentary on Sunday, January 19, 2014

CesarsLastFast still1 EthelKennedy CesarChavez  byRobinBecker 2013-11-25An exceptional documentary on Cesar Chavez will have its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in the U.S. Feature Documentary Competition on Sunday, January 19, 2014 at the Temple Theater, Park City.

Sundance Synopsis: In 1988, Cesar Chavez embarked on what would be his last act of protest in his remarkable life. Driven in part to pay penance for feeling he had not done enough, Chavez began his "Fast for Life," a 36-day water-only hunger strike, to draw attention to the horrific effects of unfettered pesticide use on farm workers, their families, and their communities. Using never-before-seen footage of Chavez during his fast and testimony from those closest to him, director Richard Ray Perez weaves together the larger story of Chavez's life, vision, and legacy. A deeply religious man, Chavez's moral clarity in organizing and standing with farmworkers at risk of his own life humbled his family, friends and the world. Cesar's Last Fast is a moving and definitive portrait of the leader of a people who became an American icon of struggle and freedom.

James Chressanthis, ASC, said: "In 1988 I was very fortunate to have filmed Cesar Chavez during his 36 day fast to bring world-wide attention to the dangers of pesticides. The lessons that Cesar taught us are even more relevant today given the plight of low wage workers everywhere and the threat to the environment, our air, our water, our food."

 December 2013 : Christmas In Conway 

The film, CHRISTMAS IN CONWAY. marks the 250th presentation of the Hallmark Hall of Fame. It is a beautiful story of a deep love between Duncan and his beloved, but ailing wife, Suzy.

The film stars Andy Garcia, Oscar®, Emmy®, and multiple Golden Globe® award nominee, and Mary-Louise Parker, Emmy®, Tony, and double Golden Globe® award winner, as the loving, devoted couple, Duncan and Suzy. Mandy Moore is also cast as Suzy’s home-care nurse who finds love with a landscape designer played by Riley Smith.

Duncan’s deep love for prompts him to build a giant Ferris wheel in their backyard as a Christmas present to his wife. Because he proposed to Suzy on a Ferris wheel, Duncan wants to recreate that magical moment one more time. Read more

 November 2013

There was one incredible year in Hollywood that still stands today as unique. During this year, so many outstanding films were produced, many of which have become classics, are still favorites of many film buffs today.

The year was 1939, considered to be the most extraordinary year for Hollywood films. Some even call it the greatest year in the Golden Age of Hollywood.

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 September 2013

watsonsA powerful and entertaining movie--THE WATSONS GO TO BIRMINGHAM--will premiere on Friday, September 20 on the Hallmark Channel.

The film is about the Watsons, an African American family, that drives from Flint, Michigan to Birmingham, Alabama to visit their grandmother during the summer of 1963. They are there when the horrific bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church kills four little girls...a tragic event that changes the family's lives and country forever.

This May, President Barack Obama honored the four girls--Addie Mae Collins, Carole Robertson, Cynthia Wesley, and Denise McNair--with the Congressional Gold Medal.

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July 2013

Fifty years ago, a horrific event changed our country. Four little girls were killed when a devastating bomb exploded in their church, the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. A powerful new film THE WATSONS GO TO BIRMINGHAM – due to premiere on September 20 on the Hallmark Channel – tells the story and impact of this tragedy. Read more


 June 2013 

director james-chressant-20

THE WATSONS GO TO BIRMINGHAM - Interview with cinematographer James Chressanthis, ASC. Read more