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About the Show

Tammy AdamsTammy Adam's Show will focus on Karma Talk as she is talking with your angels,  Q&A and Empowerment talk about Spirituality, Healing and finding your Life's Purpose.









About Tammy Adams - Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Healer

Tammy Adams is an Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Healer. Tammy has been blessed by God to help people since childhood. Tammy's gift is one that has followed her for lifetimes, and she is thought of by many as a seer.

She remembers hearing Angels since childhood. As she grew, she wanted to learn more about the metaphysical world so she studied many different ways of helping other people spiritually. She learned that nothing worked better than the gift she was born with – communicating with your Angels and Spirit Guides. She helps people find their true life’s purpose and then helps you start down that path. We are here for a reason and Tammy can help you discover that reason, if you really want to know the truth.

She has experienced a lifelong spiritual odyssey via her travels to the world’s holy Lands and spiritual places: Italy (Vatican & ancient Pompeii); Israel (Jerusalem); and France (Lourdes); and Canada (Quebec -Saint Anne’s Cathedral); Sedona, Arizona and other various spiritual vortexes; and other spiritually significant places such as south Africa. Tammy wants to share her spiritual wisdom and knowledge with you.

She lives her purpose daily, by serving her client’s needs, raising a family of four children with her husband, Jim and running the House of Angels Foundation.

Tammy's website: http://growinginknowledge.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/Tammytalkingwithangels

Twitter: http://twitter.com/asktammy


Upcoming Shows

Trust In Your Guides & Angels - Fri. Dec. 18, 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

Trust what is it really lets get to the bottom of why you do not? If our god above has been able to trust us with earth and all the creatures that were created for us then why can we not trust our loved ones or people around us but more importantly our angels.

Archived Shows

Have Faith In Your Guides & Angels - Fri. Dec. 11, 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

Today we will be talking about having faith and how you can get it back. So many of us close our selves off after just one or two not so good experiences in  marriage, business, faith, spirituality or trust. Join me today to and how to get your faith back.

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Are You Getting Your Messages From Your Angels? - Fri. Dec. 4, 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

So many of us do not even know that are angels are giving us messages every day, and every moment. Today I am going to relay the messages from your angels, we have dreams even that are filled with signs and messages and I can translate yours today. Find out what your angel is trying to say to you, learn how to become unblocked so you then can do this on your own.  Call into the Show (657) 383-0285.

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Are you getting messages from your ANGELS? - Fri. Nov.27, 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

Today we are going to tell you what your messages are from you own angels. Call in to learn what has been stopping you and getting in your way. So many of us have dreams that are given to us but yet you can not decipher them, well I can. Call in with your dream and I will relay the message here.Stop letting things get in your way of being on your path get ready for the new year and lets make this your best year to come.

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Talking About Having Faith - Fri. Nov.20, 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

Why do we lack faith? What stops us from being so open? Do our Angels guide us, talk to us, and show us the way? Call in to learn and hear today how you can change your life to be more aware and open.  We stop our selves from being open for many reasons help change your enegry and become who you are meant to be by following your inner voice, your intuition.

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Karma Is It Real? Here Is A Re-Cap On Some Valuable Information On Karma - Fri. Nov.13, 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

Call in to learn what is blocking you what is stopping you from being free from karma debt? Do you feel as though there is a weight on you, holding you back, or that something is stopping you from moving forward? Here today you will get answers and guidance on how to heal and also learn what started the blockages in the first place.

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What Did The SAINT'S Do For You? - Fri. Nov.6, 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

Today we are talking about how the saint's have helped us through the years. Get connected and see what saint is near you, which one is watching over you.

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How To Open Yourself Towards New Beginnings And Opportunities - Fri. Oct. 9, 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

For those of you wondering how you can get out from under the rock, or jump over the tallest wall and even get free from that bad relationship,Tammy can help. In this next show Tammy will help you realize how you can get through all these things,heal and become stronger so that your new beginnings will be clear and successful. Knowing there is a way is what you need first and that’s exactly where Tammy will begin.  Tune in for some exciting tips and inspiring messages from Tammy and your Angels!

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What Is My Spirit Guides Try To Tell Me? - Fri. Oct. 2, 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

What are your spirit guides trying to say? Are you having dreams that may be repeating themselves telling you something but you do not understand?

Call in at 657-383-0285  and let me tell you your messages and learn the ways to hear them . Many of us are unaware of the information our guides are telling us. It is because we are disconnected and are into the fast paced world we live in. We do not slow down enough to get connected and hear the messages.

Stop trying to guess, discover what your messages really are.

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Is Karma Getting In The Way? - Fri. Sep. 25, 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

Karma is very real! Many of us do not want to face the things we have done wrong, join me today to learn how to let go of the blockages and heal so that you may feel again and be free.  Feeling is a gift our God has given us, the gift of Love the gift of ( feeling ) so let me help you open up once again. Let go of the things you are unaware of so that you can improve your life and fulfill your purpose. Call 657-383-0285

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E.T. Extraterrestrials Are They Real & Are They Among Us? - Friday Sep. 18, 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

Extraterrestrials are real and it's about time we open our eyes and stop being in denial. I am here today to help you see and know when, where, and why they visit our planet. Have you had something happen in your life where time has gone by and you do not know where that time went you have no memeory of it? So many of us do not know that we have had E.T. interactions that we have had a personal experience.   Listen in and leanr what are the signs and do we have a sign in our bodies that show we have a connection with a E.T. call in? Tell your story let me help you figure out what happen and how to heal from it. Sometimes we hold on to pain that is associated tot the experience find out the details here on Karma Talk.

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How Can I Talk To My Angel? - Friday Sep. 11, 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

So many of us do not know we can talk to our own Angels let me teach you how. I can talk to your Angels today and see what is causeing the blockages. What is stopping you from hearing the messages and the visions let me help you today. We get side tracked and often are mislead by our selves thinking instead of listneing.  Our Angels are hear to guide us I talk to them and give you the messages and guidance you need so that you are no longer lost, confused, or wondering in life. I see so many people become on their path once they have this conncetion. Let me help you today call in ask your questions that you need to know find out what has been stopping you from where you should be.

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Healing Our Selves From Past Karma A Show Not To Miss - Friday Sep. 4, 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

Healing our selves so that we can reach higher limits. What are the things that are stopping you from reaching your goals? Why are you not getting to where you should have been so many years ago? Healing is key, but its the karma that could be holding you back.

So many of us think that it is easy to just keep ignoring the bloackages we are feeling with in us but this is false. We need to take steps in growing so that we can get the best results in this life. Call in th learn and hear what is holding you back. I will be answering many hard, hidden, or unanswered questions so many of you have. This is a show that you should not miss.

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How Can I Transform Myself To Become More Aware?  - Friday Aug. 28, 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

Here I will teach you how to connect and get transformed within your self. What are the things stopping you? How can you break the walls down that you have put up? What can you do so that it does not happen again? There are so many aspects to becoming aware and getting rid of the blocks that have been put up from many years of emotional, spiritual, and even physical situations. Join me at this show to learn and expand your awareness. Does Karma have anything to do with what may be blocking us?

You can always find me @askTammyAdams on twitter or go to www.growinginknowledge.com

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What is a Psychic?  - Friday Aug. 21, 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

Today listen in so that you can learn what it means to be a Psychic. So many of us think that being psychic means something different, I will teach you the truth and help you uncover even your hidden abilities you may have. Why do we not know about our gifts or abilities because we get pulled into this world of judgement and ridicule. I am an expert at this field, I have spent my whole life studying, practicing, and teaching people how to uncover their gifts from within.  This show will be so beneficial for those looking for answers and searching for truth. I can help you feel complete and get the answers you have been searching for

I will explain how they can help and maybe give away a few loctions for you to visit. I have traveled the world connceting with Vortex's taking people to become re-aligned and back in balance maybe you can be next.

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What is a Vortex? - Friday Aug. 14, 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

What is a Vortex? Call in and learn what vortex is near you. What is the purpose of a Vortex can they really help us and change our vibrations?

I will explain how they can help and maybe give away a few loctions for you to visit. I have traveled the world connceting with Vortex's taking people to become re-aligned and back in balance maybe you can be next.

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Can We Talk To Our Loved Ones Who Have Passed Over? - Friday Aug. 7, 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET- Friday Aug. 7, 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

Many people ask this question and the answer will always be yes. Listen in to learn how can you talk to the ones you have lost, hear their messages that they have for you. Knowing they are still around does give us comfort but many of us do not know they are still here. I talk to people's past loved ones, I even talk to the ones we may not even know are watching over us. You will be shocked like many others I have helped already.


Call in and see who is around you and figure out how you can have a relationship with your Spirit that is hanging around you.

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How To Remove Blockages From Within? - Friday Jul. 31 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

What is a blockage within? Do you even know that you have one? Most of us don't and lets face it, it's not easy to know for yourself when something went wrong. Because its in our automatic defense system to "brush it under the carpet". But what happens when we do this it adds up, it starts to smell and rot eventually making us sick and weighing us down tremendously.

Here's the good news thats what I am here for, I know how to purge the spiritual system and get you very quickly back on your feet and better than ever! We will be talking about the variouse reasons why a person gets blocked and how long we actually hold on these blockages. Also the importance of releasing and filling the gap, healing what has been hurting and beating down your spirit for so long.

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Is It Your "Angels" Or Not Your Angel...That Is The Question? - Friday Jul. 24 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

Is it really my angel?  This voice ,this feeling,these objects moved when come back in the room could it be my Angel?  I will be giving you tips on how you can connect to your Angel. I teach people around the world how to have their own communication with their Angel. Is our Angel someone we have loved? Is it our passed family members? What does our angel want to tell us? All this and more plus you can call in and get your answers.

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What is Karma? - Friday Jul. 17, 2015, 8am PT, 11am ET

Tammy Adams- Intuitive Life Coach and Healer introduces herself and her new blogtalkradio show "Karma Talk". Discussing today "What is Karma'? Discover what karma is and it's significance in a persons life and also cause and effect.

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